A gift to be always grateful for is ‘Life’..
Feel blessed..even in this cruel times, you are still alive.
Yes you are tired!
You are stressed!
You are confused in figuring out the best!
But look a while…after all these, still you have a shelter where the tired you can rest.

You are stuck,
You are bored,
You are left with many places unexplored!
But look a while..after all these,at least two meals for yourself, still you can afford.

Slow down for a minute,look back places where we can’t even imagine surviving a day.
Look at those lil kids, who wanna study but can’t
Look at those women who want sanitation, do job and dress up, but can’t
Look at those men who wanna drive private cars to their office but can’t!
Look at those aged ones who deserves proper medication but can’t!
That’s the time,
When privilege hits me and you on the face and make us realize, how prerogative our life is.

Life is tough
But a blessing.
Life’s irrational at times
But having one is a bliss.
Life takes tests
But, rewards us with our deserving bests.

Life’s easy to give up..
But exploring it is inestimable!
Ups and downs keeps us alive..
Or else ,
You’re simply alive..without a life!


  1. This poem is absolutely beautiful. I’m very impressed, you’re extremely gifted with the pen. This is a good reminder that life and merely being alive is a gift. We should all stop and appreciate the beauty of nature and to be thankful for all of the good in our lives every once in a while. Very true – ups and downs are what make life, what define us, and what help us to become more well-rounded people ❀

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  2. This is so powerful. Felt like you had me in mind while writing this.πŸ™‚ The last stanza communicated a lot. Keep writing, dear friend!πŸ€—πŸ’ž And thanks for sharing this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lottt!! I’m so happy you could relate it to you and feel it! Means a lot to me❀️❀️!

      Lots of love and good wishes to you dear! Keep writing! β€οΈπŸ€—

      Liked by 1 person

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