Not mirage

Thirst for achievement increased
Resulting in speed of finding the right track .
Failed bunch of times
And then stepped back .
Consoled, “You are in desert and the thirst is just leading you to a mirage..
There’s nothing which is giving at least half of the efforts back”

Ignoring the thirst, was leaving the desert..
A strong wind blew
After that all I knew,
It wasn’t a desert, just my eyes were caged with sand.

Closed the eyes and opened back.
Saw, there’s no mirage..
Just the lake of my achievement is far
But I’m still on the right track.

Alive with a life

A gift to be always grateful for is ‘Life’..
Feel blessed..even in this cruel times, you are still alive.
Yes you are tired!
You are stressed!
You are confused in figuring out the best!
But look a while…after all these, still you have a shelter where the tired you can rest.

You are stuck,
You are bored,
You are left with many places unexplored!
But look a while..after all these,at least two meals for yourself, still you can afford.

Slow down for a minute,look back places where we can’t even imagine surviving a day.
Look at those lil kids, who wanna study but can’t
Look at those women who want sanitation, do job and dress up, but can’t
Look at those men who wanna drive private cars to their office but can’t!
Look at those aged ones who deserves proper medication but can’t!
That’s the time,
When privilege hits me and you on the face and make us realize, how prerogative our life is.

Life is tough
But a blessing.
Life’s irrational at times
But having one is a bliss.
Life takes tests
But, rewards us with our deserving bests.

Life’s easy to give up..
But exploring it is inestimable!
Ups and downs keeps us alive..
Or else ,
You’re simply alive..without a life!

Bird – Please don’t get lost

Out of the shell, comes a small beak peeping
Followed by two marble like eyes and a body like cotton ball
Staring at someone who has exactly features like her but in a bigger form
She grows with her happiness and keeps chirping
The family looks up to hear it always, they crave for it.

But as she grows, her chirps and flights begin limiting itself,
Just because some toxic vultures not chirp but screams louder noticing her successful flights!
The bird still chirps…
But, puts a rock on it sometimes when she knows her chirping will stay unheard ‘cuz of the loud screamers

Hey bird, it’s a tough world and has lot of judgemental vultures too
But also, since it’s a tough world, there’s a lot of whooper swans, who flys non stop!
Who are there to let you chirp, to let you fly, to let you smile and to be yours when you cry!

You fly! You discover!
Discover yourself and discover the world, spread the goodness you’ve conquered .
Your family’s backing you, all rest beautiful birds in the world too, despite being him or her or anyone.

There’s many who wanted to chirp and fly but weren’t strong enough to gather courage
Please Be their strength and just take off!!

For the sake of keeping every being first
Don’t let the dreams you looked for yourself with your people be the last.
Please bird take off – don’t get lost

Spread your wings and just fly

Don’t say you KNOW me

Don’t just tell you know me,
Don’t just believe it,
Maybe I’m more devil than you know,
Or maybe I’m the most Angelic one you ever saw.

I’m the one whom you haven’t ever seen crying,
Baby, that’s the same me who breaks into tears around those who saw me breaking and growing.

I can hide myself really well
And that’s very true,
You’d feel nothing bro,
But my people would find it, as easily as finding waves on a sea shore

Which me you know
Depends on what type of YOU, to me YOU show
You’ll find the chirpiest me,
Or the one who don’t even care what you said just a second ago.

If you see the most behaved me,
Be even ready to see the other side I say,
‘Cause a polite and behaved girl to be adored can roar like a lioness too!

Don’t just tell I know you,
‘Cause others might say the same by knowing a different me too,
While me and my real ones will stand and laugh – “Just look what the fools do”

“The Fragrence of Hope” (in collaboration with DiosRaw)

Hey guys! I would love to welcome and introduce someone special to my blog. A very fantastic writer, poet and a very humble person! He’s known to you all as DiosRaw as this is what his blog is named. Well, I would love to call him by his name, very talented Amber ✨!!

I’m glad that I got a chance to create something in collaboration with him.. it’s a poem that came out of the collaboration, which talks about Hope… how we survive through times of turbulence, of what we hold onto to keep on living. Here’s the poem for you all :


Hope purches in the soul; your persistent presence sometimes faint and yet other times articulate.

Giving setbacks it recoils your strength and retaliates with double force; making you believe hope exists and doesn’t let you regret.

The fragrant tune cannot die down, for the smell lingers on past victories and future projections.

Moving like a swaying flower on a windy day, thinking the future will always be happier if we hold on today’s turbulences with affection.

Not desiring to relinquish hope, tie it to a rope and tow it to safe shores through the gaping cracks in the pavement of your existence.

Let the yacht of hope sail on the safe shores, high tides of outer expectations will keep hitting, ending up with bowed down heads; that’ll be the award of your persistence.

A river rushing, pulled by the current for too long, the Soul is the stillness emanating ripples of wafting belief in tomorrow.

The stone pelting of judgement and hopelessness might distort the ripple in a blow, but the soul along with hope spread their arms to protect it from any such scenario.

Whispering through the disbelief and stampede of monotonous blows, the voice echos through the birth canal of potential..
-“Hold on to it! Hold on to your strength! Look straight.. the tides are getting scattered after hitting you, and you are standing, laughing at their fate!”

Hope is the remotest to ever depart, where situated the beacon of hope, there is survival.


Link to the very creative and fantastic blog of Amber – DiosRaw 👇


Should I just believe what you say?
Or should I think myself and then believe?
Will you call it me doubting you?
Or you’ll understand even I have a reason for rethinking too?

I trust you blindly
‘Cause I know, you complete me.
When incomplete me is in dilemma,
You solve it such a way, as if it wasn’t serious, but just a comedy drama.

Sometimes all the problems just vanishes out if I follow what you say,
Also, sometimes I hear it’ll mess up if I follow what YOU say.

But I believe strongly
What you say is exactly what I feel.
Sometimes you’re an emotional fool and me rational,
But, even then, your decisions are the reason of my zeal.

We both contradict each other but we both together make the statements, which portrays how as a whole am I to be defined.
I complement your thoughts and contradict too,
‘Cause I know, you can’t be wrong even if sometimes I do.

That’s a lil confession to you from me, with whom you are intertwined.
It’s for you my “Heart” ,
…With love, your “Mind”….

After storm

The Pearl like droplets
Sitting like a poised queen
At the top of a waving leaf
As if it’s her royal palanquin.

Lifting the eyes, saw the fort like tall trees..
Dancing on wind beats.
Leaves clapping for the joy of being able to sway freely..
Feeling they’re planes without any wings.

The cottony clouds running all around the whole endless property up there,
Like kids running from home to field after mom said, “alright you can go out and play dear.”

The sun again is now sprinkling some rays from above hiding behind the cotton balls,
And the beautiful petrichor reaching the nose from below clearing all the dirt after rain fell like Niagra falls .

But not to forget, nature’s showing us this beauty..
Just because we witnessed the scary storm few minutes ago,
And at the same time enjoyed the bliss of rain that calmed the boiling heat that was accompanying us.. wherever we go.

It’s the same with our times,
Let’s face the storm of life and at the same time enjoy the bliss of teaching that it teaches.
The Sun is again getting ready to peep out of the clouds,
Be patient and practical untill it reaches .. ❤️


Game of existence

For making a concrete jungle
We are subtracting the living ones.
For a sophisticated future,
We are subtracting life savings creature.

We are developing and modernizing..
Trust me, that’s really mind blowing!
That’s our future’s need!


But, have you seen a globe? At least the plastic one?
That’s blue and green..
In reality,
‘Tis the water and the donor towards whom for oxygen WE lean!

Concretizing the feasibility of needs is fantastic!
But, will human kind exist till that for witnessing it?

The lungs look for greenery,
And the whole body too!
But our eyes wanna see 90 storey buildings
And then post “I LOVE GREENERY TOO!”

If not for others,
Make the place greener for Mother Earth and at least ONLY FOR YOU?

-Express and Accept-

(one of my midnight sketches)

Be a mirror to yourself,
Be your own strength
Express “the you” to “yourself”
Express your flaws to it..
Chain-up your flaws and wear it while attaining your success.

Understanding yourself better is the most pleasant feeling,
Expressing yourself to yourself, and evaluating fare..
Is of great bravery, and proves you are growing.

Everytime growing is not necessarily shown outside practically
Sometimes it’s inner…
It plays inside with your emotion and intellect
And reflects the YOU outside when it’s the real testing track.

Express the strength of yours
And accept, everytime you are NOT the only boss.
Everyone is a teacher, so are you..
Keep spreading what you know and don’t shy away from learning new.

Expressing oneself and accepting what you are is the first and biggest step.
Next comes changing yourself ONLY if it’s needed not because other’s love seeing you like that!

Express what you have and accept what you learn
Fame is not only money,
It’s also the respect you earn!




কে না চেনে তোমায়?
তোমার অবদান যে সর্বত্র!
তোমায় সঙ্গী করে যে আমাদের বড়ো রা বেড়ে উঠলো..
আজ  আমরাও বেড়ে চলেছি ….

তোমার এক পায়ে দাঁড়িয়ে,তাল গাছ ছাড়িয়ে পড়তে পড়তে , আমরা হামাগুড়ি থেকে নিজের পায়ে হাঁটতে শিখলাম।
রবিবার সে কেনো মগো এমন দেরি করে জিজ্ঞেস করতে করতেই , রবিবার যে স্কুল ছুটি থাকে তার অভিজ্ঞতা পেতে শুরু করলাম।
কুমুর পাড়ার গরুর গাড়িতে যে কলসি হাড়ি বোঝাই করা, তা জানতে জানতে নিজেরা দৌড়ে হাটে গিয়ে জিনিসের বায়না করতে শিখে গেলাম!
তোমার লেখা বীর পুরুষের মত কবিতা পড়তে পড়তে কবে যেনো গল্পগুচ্ছের মত মোটা গল্পের বই পড়ে ফেললাম… একটু একটু করে গীতাঞ্জলিও…

এখনো প্রায় কিছুই পড়িনি যে!
এখনো তোমার অনেক দিক যে আমার পড়া বাকি,
আমি যে মাত্র সতেরো..

ছোটো বেলায় শাড়ি পড়ে, আমরা সবাই রাজা নাচতে নাচতে , শীতের হাওয়ায় লাগলো নাচন এ গলা মেলাতে মেলাতে ..
আজ যে তোমার প্রায় কত গান অবলিয়ায় মুখস্ত তা ভাবতে বেশ মজা লাগে,
এখনো যে প্রায় সব – ই শোনা বাকি, এ তো মাত্র হাতে গোনা কিছু,
তোমার যে অসীম সীমানা ।

তুমি আমাদের বেড়ে ওঠার অন্যতম অবিচ্ছেদ্য অঙ্গ,
তোমার এক এক লেখা আমাদের এক এক মনোভাবের সুর ও ছন্দ।
তুমি আমাদের সংকট থেকে পরিত্রাণের পথ,
তুমি বাঙালির তো বটেই, বিশ্বের গর্বের সম্পদ।

এশিয়ার প্রথম নোবেল জয়ী সাহিত্যিক তুমি সে মনীষী,
তুমি বাঙালির অহংকার: লেখক,নাট্যকার, কবি ও চিত্রশিল্পী।

তুমি যে মোদের সম্মান,
তুমি অহংকার,
তুমিই মোদের আবেগ,
সাহিত্যের অন্যতম বটগাছ।

তুমি হে কবিগুরু
লহ মোদের প্রণাম ।।


আজকের এই বিশেষ দিনে একটা বাংলা কবিতা কবিগুরুকে উৎসর্গ করে না লিখে পারলামনা…

আজ যে ২৫শে বৈশাখ…

বিশ্বকবি রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুরের ১৬০তম জন্মজয়ন্তী ।।


A tribute to “Kobiguru Rabindranath Tagore” on his 160th Birth Anniversary..

• First Asian to win a Nobel Prize in Literature

• The person who has written the National anthem of two Countries : India and Bangladesh

• The person who can’t be described by anyone of us, as we don’t have that audacity to introduce HIM! his contribution to the world of literature is idolized worldwide..

All we can do is cherish his work lifetime and seek his Blessing on us forever.

“The” one

Are you ‘the’ one I dreamt of?
Or the one I fear the most?
You’re the one who makes my future happy, right??
Or the one, I shouldn’t pamper and keep out of sight?

I heard, You provide wings…to fly higher.
And also heard, facing a lil storm leaves you fully shattered?

You know, I saw the happy face of yours,
And the sad too,
But I’m confused..
Are you the happiest when I am not?
And the saddest, when happiness surrounds me too?

Some says I must have you in life
Some says, no one should ever have someone like you,
Whom should I listen to?
Should I hold you tight or shall I bid a bye?
Or keep you like a classmate, who exists, but our chat is just always a bye and a hi?

I choose to be your classmate,
Who do exist,never ignores, but doesn’t attend all invitations.
The one, who just texts “Sorry to hear” in sorrow and in your success a “Congratulations”
Shake hand my classmate, My Dear Expectations



Thanks a lot for giving a part of your valuable time to the writing by reading it 🙏❤️ hope you guys liked it, drop a like if you did 😊. Do share your thoughts and feedbacks in the comments.. let’s connect.

My last two writings,

Incomplete.. :

Who’s there? :


Yes I am,
And so are you,
And everyone else..whom you never knew.

You just plan the life.
But it goes to what point you can strive.
And that’s why it’s called a game,
The more levels we cross, we love getting the fame.
All of us are the same,yet are all different,
As in the exam of life, “All questions are same” — is NOT what they meant.

Incomplete you doesn’t mean you are weak,
Incompleteness makes you eager to level up…. don’t weep.
Completion of yours don’t always need another soul,
Your work and heart completes you even if no single soul passes by their own.

Some completes themselves
Some completes each other,
It’s not being dependent
It’s finding yourself and growing together…



P.S, Hey amazing people!! Hope you all are doing great and are being safe. This was a new piece on AhiriCreates .. created with an incomplete mind, without any complete idea of where this piece is gonna end. Drop a like if you liked it and let share your feedbacks and views… complete or incomplete with in the comments.. as creativity completes us ❤️

If u want: here’s the link of my previous blog… Tried something new..

Who’s there?

Tip tap.. tip tap..
Is anyone coming here?
Look, the grasses moved!” – panicked the lil girl ,
I said, “Relax, it’s the swirling wind.. nothing to fear“.
“Nothing to fear” said I,looking at her,by just locating her silver ribbons..
In the complete dark.

But the grasses moved ‘cos of a footstep!“, She said, defending her statement.
Ah! You’re imagining that” I said (though fake) but being confident.
Deep in the woods are we two,
For a long desired campaign we wanted to do..
‘A jungle night! To explore, reside and more’.

My digital watch glowed up.. it’s night.
Don’t fear! Let’s look for a cleaner place to sleep
I said, patting her shoulder.

Switch the mobile flash’s dark “..
-“Ah Yes,let me ” – said I .
Leave flash! the mobile itself isn’t’s dead ” – I said.. frustrated.
It was a we were prepped
With a red torch, and three white candles..all backpacked.

The darkness increased, swirling of winds rushing by the ears ..
With zero visibility all I can do was, locating her by the silver ribbons and let her not fear.

..Can’t find the torch, made the candles our source of light..

Is someone else also camping here?” questioned she..
I questioned back, “Well I don’t think, but why?
Then who was that Lil kid waving me,right from there?” – she pointed..but darkness restricted me to see..where.

Her words made me curious..
My heart gave me a thought, “Let’s see if someone’s there.. especially any family.. we’ll make a group camp without any fear” .
After finalizing the direction from her, I moved ahead looking for human..
She accompanied me.

Was chatting with her and at front,she behind me.
The wind rushing speedier…. night’s getting darker,and candles, candles blew off!
Suddenly, heard her voice at my distant left “Hey di, look who’s here!
It amused me when she went to my distant left and had met someone, whereas a millisecond ago, she was talking to me from behind.

Well, I followed her voice, walked nearer locating her silver ribbons.
Could hear her, but she wasn’t there!

That’s the first time I was petrified that night!
Rushed back to my last standing point..she wasn’t standing there!
Then to the sitting place,
She was alone searching for the torch in the bag right there.
I questioned, “Why you left my back during walk and went to left? And now here?

She laughed, “What a joke di! You went alone, I was the whole time only sitting here

And, shivers went down my spine.. ‘cos I did saw her there

I hate YOU


I hate you ‘cos you’re confused

But I love it when you’re mused.

I hate you ‘cos every lil thing effects you

But I love you, as intentionally hurting someone.. is what you never do.

I hate you for being too sensitive..

As well as love you to be so in such a cruel world, where we live .

I hate you for not saying “No”.. whenever anyone asks help..

Even if he’s sweet in front but a foe at your back.

Yes I genuinely hate you for that!

I hate you, as always it’s YOU trying to adjust at places, so that other’s find it easy

But I love you the most for being such .. in a world where all are always, for their own self, busy .

I hate the fact that you are short tempered

I genuinely hate you for that! ‘cos one’s pinching words are always remembered.

I hate you for being extremely intolerant..

And love it , when you’re waiting for someone being the most patient.


Maybe I’m the one who hates you the most,

But I love you for being you..

I love you for being around some purest hearts,which are in the world, very few.


Who are you?

Love of my life, or my best friend?

Are you the most hated person I’ve ever met?

Or you’re my closest group of people on the planet?


Ah no! Nothing like two bodies one soul..

The YOU is me only.. me the person as a whole.