Black is also just a colour!!

Black is also just a colour!!

We often come across talks like don’t wear “this” color in this occasion,this colour is a symbol of omen or death or bad luck..such things. Dude!! This is merely a colour! Yes colour expresses our mood in a way we can say that but this is not necessary that one color has to always be a symbol of something!someone can wear a color just because THEY LIKE THE COLOUR AND THE GARMENT!

For an instance, at places or beliefs, it’s said that one should not wear BLACK in any happy it’s the symbol of death or mourning! I don’t wanna hurt someone’s sentiment but, is our good wishes and blessings so weak that just wearing a black dress to a happy occasion would make us convey a negative vibe or symbol, despite carrying good wishes and blessings for people on the occasion??

Even I wear dresses of colours according to my choice! I wear bright vibrant colours and I’m also a big time Black lover! I consider black to be one of the most smart and dignified colour (P.S, not only in terms of dress,in terms of skin color also,I love dark tone) and I don’t know or would not even wanna believe that it’s to be categorized as a colour that only represents dark, negative. I have seen people to just randomly judge, “wow! Nice dress ha! beautiful! But.. wearing black in a wedding function.. I think one should avoid this atleast at happy occasion”

Let colours be just colours,

Let colours help you enhance your mood

Let colours NOT be a symbol of negativity, Everytime darkness doesn’t mean “darkness”!


It’s all about how we think! There’s nothing wrong in thinking a colour as a symbol.. but there’s no need to take a colour as a symbol of anything negative! Its just about what the person feels and wanna give rather than what colour or what kind of clothes he/she is wearing.

YOUR ENEMY WEARING ONE OF THE BRIGHTEST COLOURS WHILE COMING TO A SPECIAL DAY OF YOURS FOR CREATING SOMETHING DANGEROUS IS ALSO POSSIBLE! Look the person and person’s thinking to know what he/she wants to pass not by the clothes that he’s wearing.

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With a seed in our heart,
What we sow are dreams & courage to start.
Dream to reach the dreamlands..
And courage to conquer all storms as well as some witty glance.

It’s not the individual seed that grows,
It carries the dream of parent-plants & backlashes from it’s foes.
Growing a dream to reality is just the same as growing a seed,
You reach where you reach, based on what how you sow and what you did.

Rising higher,is an alarm clock yelling at it,
Nothing ever grows with Zero pain,
It’s the strong roots and courage that never goes in vein.

Screams the sapling’s heart,
“It’s you who dreamt of, and will conquer it!”

In storm, even flights face turbulence
But not every flight with people dies always.
It’s you, the sapling, who tackles the drumming storm,
It’s you, the flight, who’s composed & calm.

It’s the seed of a plant & heart of yours,
that was given water, humus & strength for years.
Face the storm.. take a step back if needed,
Hold your head up & Again move ahead.

Every hard time does nothing but nourish
Yes you Lil plant,
So that you can FLOURISH, FLOURISH and always FLOURISH.

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Love yourself, and Let the Love Spread

Love yourself,and Let the Love Spread

Love yourself,otherwise who will? Love yourself, ‘cos other’s are busy fulfilling their own will.

Love yourself, ‘cos you are your lifetime support. Love yourself, you’re not other’s game or sport.

Love yourself,to find what your actual work in the Earth is

Love yourself, ‘cos you are not here for being someone’s doll piece.

Shower love to those who doesn’t know how it is to be cared & loved.

Shower love to those who needs support and were always only judged.

Love yourself,and let love spread..

As this is what along with humanity, strengthens the humanity’s thread.

The most unconditional love you can show to someone are the two pillars & reasons of your life,whom you call your mom and dad,

They might be wrong sometimes,but they never want something which for you is BAD.

Shower love to those who doesn’t say YES in everything you do, Not ‘cos they wanna hurt, but because they CARE FOR YOU..

Loving yourself is NOT an unnecessary tantrum! It’s a must !

Loving yourself,is NOT an unnecessary tantrum,it’s a must!

Or else YOUR VALUE in YOUR LIFE would be just as the same as a piece of DUST!

India as a Beautiful Collage of Languages

Bharat, India, Hindustaan, Bharat mata, Bharotborsho – well wait! What are all these that I’m writing? These are nothing but various names for the ultimate mother of 1,380,004,385 human beings – INDIA❣️! And trust me! muttering the names in my head while writing right now also gives a different feeling..and i know that’s how it feels to all when they talk about there country. Oh! by talking about talking in the last line, i remembered, while talking to Indian people in India, sometimes we Indians need translators to understand what the other person is talking about ( well,the last line was filled with a lot of “talking”😂). And that’s one of the beauty of India as India is considered one of the top countries which are rich in languages. I hear a lot of lovely people who aren’t Indian to say we speak “Indian” language or “Hindi” is the “National Language”,though it’s not their fault as 40% people of india have hindi as mother tongue. But what is the actual thing is India don’t have any national language, however, article 343(1) of Indian Constitution specifically mentioned Hindi along with more 22 languages as the official languages of India,stating states can have their own official languages according to majority’s mother tongue and people’s convenience. Though including the languages that are still spoken in interior parts of India, and in various cultures, the number of Languages is more than 1600.

Our mother ❣️

Just like how you can see various traditional dresses in various states of India,various climatic conditions in various states of India, the language is also different – not only inter state but at many places intra state also there are different languages. Yes most of the people along with mother tongue are equipped with Hindi and English as they helps to connect and unite us! But many of the people aren’t and that never becomes a barrier as the main thing of language is to be able to speak what we are trying to..if that reaches the next person,that’s enough!

Don’t get surprised if you see an Indian in India who started his/her sentence in Hindi, used terms from mother language,comes back to Hindi,goes to the mother language of the person he/she is speaking to and finishes in English😂! For example if I talk about myself, I can speak 4indian languages with Bengali being my mother tongue followed by Hindi,assamese, broken pieces of marathi and gujrati. AS THAT’S ALL COMMON since we are naturally trained for having diversity inside us protecting the unity in diversity of the country.

Well, let’s have fun! Let me show you the names of some languages of India as India is having 28states and 8union territories at present, and all are having their own speciality and differences .

In southern part of India only, at least majority of the people speak in one of the four dravidian languages amongst: Telugu, Tamil, Kannada , Malayalam

In northern part of India, commonly you’ll find people talking in Hindi, Punjabi, Kashmiri, Parsi.

In Western part of India , you’ll find people talking in konkani, Gujarati , Rajasthani, Marathi, Kucchi, many more.

Coming to eastern part of India, Bengali can be heard easily along with bhojpuri, odissi , Hindi, many more.

In central India you can predominantly find people taking in Marathi,Hindi, bhojpuri, Punjabi.

Now coming to the Northeastern part of India, the place from where I belong❣️, having total 7states, the northeast part of India is also called seven sisters , 220 languages are spoken by people in this region, where you’ll find languages like Assamese,Mizo, Kokborok, Bengali,Meitei, Khashi and many more.

Many of you people might feel bore to read it, but I just wanna say travelling and knowing India in itself requires one lifetime and that’s worth it! As all what I shared my thoughts was just about language (excluding the diversity of culture, religion, food habits, state speciality)

Accept it – one can’t be ALWAYS right

Not Everytime what you do or think is correct.. no one is always right.

Yes, what you will do finally always should be your own decision but that doesn’t mean Everytime you’ll blindly follow your words without second thought, not everyone around you wants to destroy you(many does,but not your very close ones). You are allowed to hear what they say but blindly following what they say just to “be with them” is foolishness!

There are two things,

•firstly,many people stops you from doing something, rather tries to hold you back when they think you’ll surpass them and they do that for their own interest … not for your good

•On the other hand, some people who genuinely care for you and are your’s, doesn’t STOP you from doing what you are doing but warns and insists you to rethink, do necessary changes in plan if it’s needed and then take a step. And many people gets annoyed from those insisting pings and just avoid. You don’t necessarily need to do every bit of what they are saying but don’t avoid the words! Listen to what they are saying,analyze them in your way and if you are still unsure talk with the person you believe most! And then also, ultimately do what your instincts say. All I wanted to share in my thoughts is, don’t always ignore other’s point of what you think you want and you should, listening other’s point and then analyzing them your way doesn’t show you inferior or underestimates your power of analysis. Rather it makes you more close to your motive and your step. Who knows? Maybe your close person can suggest you a better way to do the exact work that you are planning to do your way?

You are always open to listen what other’s say ..BUT YOU YOURSELF THEN HAVE TO ANALYZE AND DECIDE WHAT YOU WILL DO

Why blogging? My own experience

Everyone in this human society has there own various stress, problem,ups, downs, achievement, and excitement and all of us are having the liberty to celebrate our life. Then what’s the function of blogging here? Writing down the heart is considered a therapeutic way of healing our anxiety and sudden bursting out of anger.

Talking from my own personal experience, I’m at that stage of life where sometimes placing my own view seems rude, rather what happens is, I burst out easily in some matters and eventually anger leads to tears. I’m a 17year teenager and even I can realize by my own when if I could have reacted other way,the things wouldn’t have turn out a mess,which it did when I wasn’t able to control my sudden outburst and I lacked the art of balanced tolerance(I know many people irrespective of age group has this issue). That time what my mother said to me made me find a way out of it. She said when you feel you gonna burst out in anger and intolerance where it’s NOT NEEDED, just talk to yourself or else sit with yourself for a while! It makes you realize what you were going to do was impulsive and not necessary at that place.

I tried doing so, first few times I failed as I ended up replying to all illogical things which were not needed and replying to everyone. What my mom said was, you should protest and stand for right but you need to understand is the person in front even having the capacity of understanding? Otherwise talking to wall won’t help anyone and you will be hurt! And those words made wonder!

Next day, I clearly remember, because of some small thing I got in a small little tussle with my father due to one misunderstanding that he thought I did a thing which I didn’t. That time I clarified him once and I know he understood,but was angry at that moment. If the old Ahiri was there she’d have again protested his anger and that would lead to a mess as even he that time required some space so that he could settle himself and triggering him that time would’ve hurt more. What I did was, followed what mom told. I went to my room just sat at my desk and I don’t know how, but I started penning myself down and didn’t I realized,I did that for a long time and I ended up being so light and free in heart!

And that’s the very thing I did for next few times when I was messing up😂. And I realized how well writing down my heart helps me to find myself. And eventually I started penning down my achievements, happiness, and mostly when I feel low and don’t wanna share to others – this works wonder! Listening music, watching video and penning down is my go-to good mood weapon.

Then one of my cousin elder brother suggested me, “open a blog! You enjoy writing, you do show anchoring, you love creative and sporty stuff! That’s a perfect place for you to be in” . And from then I started writing down myself here, from self written poems to words of my heart! AND TO EVERYONE OUT THERE, GO WITH WRITING YOURSELF DOWN,THIS HELPS YOU TO KNOW YOU,AS WELL AS TO EXPLORE THE WORLD BEING IN VARIOUS IMAGINATIONS SHOES.

I felt so..

Hey all amazing people out there! Today sitting idle next to window in this soft winter season under sun’s heat in the afternoon, I was looking at the floor, how the sun-rays were falling here making shadows of various trees and buildings it was having in it’s way, leaving it’s presence on every object. Suddenly what striked in my mind was, isn’t it the exact way how our life goes? It starts from a point and goes on(just how the sun-rays keeps going after starting from the sun itself). While going on, it meets hundreds of different lives,talks to them,knows them and move forward. Forming at least the tiniest shadow of themselves inside it which we call ‘memory’ of that particular life in our life.

P.S: Well! Why have I suddenly posted it here? Basically when all this stuff came in my mind I can’t forbid myself for writing it down somewhere as it’s the thought of a teen girl, it’s my own thought and penning it down would make this thought of mine stay with me like my own creation and there was no better option than making it a blog as I had created this blog as my own voice and thoughts of mine. Moreover,what pushed me to put this blog up was, I am a newbie over here in blogging but the kind of initial appreciation and support I am getting from all you people are amazing and made me enthusiast that I should share it over here so that I can send my thoughts your way and get connected to you all and know what you feel about this as I’m here to create a creative family who would be their real self and share. Though this page of mine has still not got the exposure and reach as it’s still a bud, and me concentrating on it would it Bloom and I think expressing my real self would help me with that.

Be the real YOU

I know the topic is very cliché and very common thing which everyone says! But how can we deny the fact that how true this words are! But what makes me worried as well as laugh is, there are many who on one hand preaches ‘be the real you‘ ‘ don’t get upset or restrict yourself by what others say ‘ and all those stuffs, whereas the same person on other hand with other group of people is saying ‘ oh god! She’s 27 and still not agreeing for marriage,she should get married‘ then ‘ look at that boy, he’s so short in height, boys looks good only when they are tall like a man!‘ ‘That guy is so dark! I wonder how he managed to get such a pretty bride‘ and many more. Now, why am I saying all these? Basically I want to tell that yes to some extent in 21st century also,this is the truth! Many people are two faced. They would be the most honest and best person in front of you and you might not know they are judging you in back! So what’s in our own hand? All we have is We need to gain the self confidence and believe that yes I am the best me and if I need to change something in me that would be only for the good and not because of someone’s judgement. Well! So why do we need to be the real US, or why do you need to be the real YOU? Here are three reasons for why I feel and follow so:

3. We all know how massively the range of merit and the level of competition in every field is now increasing and how important it thus is to have the self Believe and confidence in what we do the best or else people will crush you by their feet and move ahead – that’s the reality ‘cuz the competition is now in that level and that’s natural, everyone wants to be at the top . And this is exactly where it becomes important to be the real YOU! Because when you will start to work with 100more people at a place your higher authority and people will look for what’s unique in you and what is YOUR speciality..they won’t look for a carbon copy of someone else in you! And this will make you a different individual amongst all the rest 99 people over there which will give yourself an identity as YOU and a stimulant to your own-self for moving ahead!

2. Being the real you would always create an urge in you to discover more of you that lies deep inside. We do grow idolizing someone famous or someone of our family,friends whoever, who inspires us and there’s nothing wrong in it;rather it’s a great thing to do as it keeps us in a focus. But there’s a slight difference in getting inspired from someone and following someone to be like them.. We all need to do that differentiation. We may grow up getting inspired by someone or admire someone but along with that what we need to do is we should groom our own thoughts! Growing up following someone TO BE THAT PERSON is not YOU GROWING AS YOU THE INDIVIDUAL! That’s merely you growing as the second version of that person! Being known as that person’s second version and not as YOU the individual. So being the real You helps you to discover yourself and get an original identity.

1. And the most important point! Being the real YOU makes you happy in real terms! At first it might get difficult as you will get judged for not nodding yes in everything others say,you will be judged for doing what please you and not what others do.. That’s real and trust me that’s fine! Because, when you start putting your views and points ,deep inside you you’ll feel free and satisfied and when you will make it to the point you dreamt of, those judgemental people will also start praising you (‘cuz all others are doing so.. 😉). And you will get the flavour of who you are and WHY you are.

But yes! Just like how important it is to do what you want to, in the same way it is very important to be aware of what you are doing is reasonable or not. For example, you love to steal and you would keep stealing since it’s “Be yourself and do what you want! ” No! we all have to be the real us, you all have to be the real YOU doing what you love to do and which is not harmful to anyone!

Be the person you are.. idolize someone whom you admire but don’t follow.. keep someone as inspiration not as the elder version of yourself.. as YOU WILL ALWAYS BE KNOWN AS WHO YOU WERE, WHAT WORKS YOU DID AND WHAT KIND OF HUMAN YOU WERE.

Swami Vivekananda and his contribution in today’s India

Hey all beautiful people out there!Especially all my non Indian friends..many of u know who swami Vivekananda was,and for those who don’t, at first let me give u a small insight – he was an Indian Hindu monk and a key figure in the introduction of Indian philosophies of Vedanta and Yoga to the western world. He was one of the most influential philosophers and social reformers in his contemporary India and the most successful and influential missionaries of Vedanta to the Western world. Indian Nobel laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore suggested to study the works of Vivekananda to understand India. He also told, in Vivekananda there was nothing negative, but everything positive.

Now, let’s start with my words – Swamiji’s thoughts and their contributions in making today’s India~

Swami Vivekananda always believed that India is the Blessed ‘punyabhumi’ , i.e., ‘the land of virtue’. And his believe in those words can be clearly seen by his all fantastic and heroic thoughts and practices of building a better India and it’s overall development. Even after the death of Swami Vivekananda, he kept inspiring and guiding all Indians towards building and developing a better India through his inspirational, rational and spiritual thoughts which played a vital role in India’s overall development. Swamiji always believed that it is coordinated will power that leads a country to overall success. He gave the example of British colonial System and said, British were all 40million Englishmen who had an intention to own the land and rule over it and this United thinking helped them to rule over us for all those 200 years and also it was the unity and coordination that Indians have shown to them which made them quit the country and go back. Thus, Vivekananda always preached this message to the nation’s people that coordinated will power always lead to overall victory. Talking about his thought’s significances, after all these years today we are thinking the things that he said a lot earlier during his times. His words till today are stimulants for youths in order to carry on the overall Development of India. Following are the thoughts of swamiji he shared at his time which eventually became a very important thing in today’s time in this competitive world:

•He always said it was very important to learn a universal language or another language along with one’s own mother tongue: Though it’s now very usual and common to know English as a universal language as we are growing up in such an environment. But along with that also many of us are joining various foreign language classes and courses so that we can increase the circle around us and connect to larger mass which is very much essential for a country’s growth. But along with that one should also know their own mother tongue properly to keep themselves attached to the origin while touching the skies.

• He always said it’s necessary to keep oneself up with the new technological generations and operations otherwise we will be lagging behind: Now, is there anyone who would come up and place argument against this statement said by swamiji? I don’t think so. Because what can be more true than this? What swamiji said that time is now one of the most important necessity of our lives!
Swamiji always said & believed “a country’s future depends on it’s people” stating “man making is my mission”. And all of us today shall agree with the fact that to develop a country it is the people and their morals and skills which matters a lot along with it’s funds as nothing can be done with surplus fund if we don’t have anyone to use brain and labor with it. We all may have followed earlier and are even noticing today that Vivekananda was a man having very far vision in terms of overall development of India as what he said then are now that we are bound to do for development, one of the apt example for this would be a hundred year ago swamiji said “education is that which enables one to stand on one’s own legs” and today we know how much true those words were.

Let’s not forget.. he was the man who around 128years ago on September 11th, at The Chicago Convention of Parliament of Religious delivered the iconic speech addressing America with ” Sisters and brothers of America” then giving that groundbreaking speech which touched all for lives regarding religious tolerance and saying -“I am proud to belong to a religion which has taught the world both tolerance and universal acceptance. We believe not only in universal toleration, but we accept all religions as true.”

It’s a matter of great pride and blessing for me to be born in the same country where a man like him took birth.. he was an Indian Bengali .. and it makes me more proud to say I’m also an Indian and as well a Bengali girl..and I speak the mother tongue which he used to . Hope this helps all to know at least bits and pieces more about the real hero.. recently on 12th January it was this man’s birthday which is observed in India as the NATIONAL YOUTH DAY as till today he is the youth icon for lakhs of people

I would rest my pen today by mentioning a simple yet powerful message which swamiji preached mentioning country’s development, it’s youth and it’s citizen’s merit:
“ See for the highest, aim at that highest and you shall reach that highest”

A Spring Rain

As if the most Favorite person of mine came for a sudden visit..
In it’s own footsteps, carrying the sheer excitements & happiness it bring.
That’s how a pluviophile feels,
receiving the down-pours as a sweet gift in a month like spring.

In the season of love, joy, spirituality & melancholy,
The sudden rhythmic pitter-patters of rain..
Is nothing less than a tasty cake garnished with delicious cherry –
Making a tired, stressed being forget all the worry & pain.

Lying on bed, looking through the window pane –
‘A sunny happy day is being ornamented by the millions of diamond sprinkles’ –
Right from the clouds, through us, down the lane.

Watching kids caged in home due to rain
Hits me to miss, the craze of making paper boats,
rushing down to sail them, and stepping the poodles being absolute insane.

It’s me now, the pluviophile,
For whom untimely cloudburst is a happy thing
with music, beside a glass window,
watching the clouds cry and making us a happy being.


She”, the one whom I am most attached to, both mentally and biologically.

She“, the one who served me the first food of my life.. with tons of love.. carefully.

Putting up the blog neither on mother’s day nor on her birthday,it’s a regular day where I feel blessed for having her in my life

She’s the one who saw “D” for death quite “C” for closely to give me that “B” for birth! She’s the one whom I trust the most on the Earth!

She’s the most brilliant actress I’ve ever seen.. Not on camera but off-the-screen.

She acts as a punching bag to take all my hits when I’m sad.. She becomes the pillow to be hugged to make me smile when I have a day bad.

She’s the best Multi Tasker I’ve seen.. She’s the most efficient worker with whom I’ve ever been .

She turns out a cook everyday.. to put food before me and Dad even before we say!

She’s the one who can stay quiet.. and still make me realize when and where I’m NOT right!

She knows to find happiness even in the things which she’s not into.. Just to see us smiling,for which she never complains too!

She’s the perfect lady whom I look upto and smile.. ‘Cuz I know she’ll always be my power ,no matter how far I go by how many mile

Till now you may feel she’s a perfect housewife and a mother.. But she’s also the one who drapes a white saree and a black coat to stand in the court,confident, as a lawyer.

I always would thus love to say, She’s one of the two pillars of my life along my Baba..


She’s none other than my MISS UNIVERSE,my lovely Maa

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining!

Sharing creations and memories with good company makes it more worthy & memorable..let’s share,learn,explore and grow all together!

Why am I here?

Reply for the question of why am I here goes something like this:

A teenage girl who loves creativity , loves to write herself down,share her world to people and is overexcited about sports,quizzes and cultural activities just thought a blog would b her first step towards sharing,exploring and learning about various creative ideas and living a meaningful time with all fun and learnings in life