आसान नहीं होता |

भाग जाने से जीत नहीं जाओगे..
भाग जाने से यार जीत नहीं जाओगे.. जो मौका आगे मिलना था.. बस वो गवा दोगे।
हां मुश्किल है.. बोहोत मुश्किल है जीना..
मुश्किल है हस्ते रहना, मुश्किल है कामयाब होना।
मुश्किल है सबको साथ लेकर चलना..
मुश्किल है अकेले जीना।
पर खुदको खो देना तो उससे भी ज्यादा मुश्किल होगा.. नहीं?
जो इंसान खुदके लिए लड़ता… जो दूसरों के खुशियों में खुदको देखता…
मेहनत से कामयाब होने का सपना सजोता..
दूसरों को मदत करने से नहीं इतराता ..
वो खुदही खो जायेगा तो मुश्किल होजाएगी न यार?

जान देके वो बच तो जायेगा..
पर.. एक मुश्किल से भागने के लिए अपने जिंदगी से मुंह मोड़ लेना?
यह क्या समाधान है? किस वीरगाथा में लिखा है यह?

हां आसान नहीं है.. आसान नहीं है जिंदगी की जंग!
लड़ना पड़ता है उससे..
लड़ना होता है खुदसे.. हर पल.. हर रोज़..
लड़ना होता है समाज से।
हारना तो कोई ऑप्शन भी नहीं होना चाहिए..
ज़िंदगी से हारना कोई ऑप्शन होना ही नहीं चाहिए..
क्युकी खुद भागने के लिए.. सांसे त्याग देना? यह कैसा हल है?

जबसे ले रहे हो सांस तुम..
ले रही है सांस कुछ आशाएं भी!
कुछ लोगो की तो ज़िंदगी बदल सा रख दिए हो तुम आके..
उनसे वो ज़िंदगी छीनने वाले होते कौन हो तुम?!

जीना आसान नहीं होता..
पर जीने जैसा होता है!
जीना आसान नहीं होता..
पर जीने जैसा होता है।
नहीं जीने का ख्याल आए..
तो एकबार सह के तो देखो..
शायद जब वापस उजाला आए..
जीने का कोई नया जरिया तुम्हे गले से लगा जाए?


10th of September! World Suicide prevention day! Wasn’t planning to write something on it until and unless Fat Guy Workout came up with the brilliant idea of penning a poem about it!

Not comfortable in Hindi? Want to read the english version? It’s never easy here it is in Devang Upadhyay’s page “Fat guy workout”


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Social Media: fat_guy_workout (devang upadhyay)

Will it be so?

The lingering uncertainty
The dreamer head
The confused heart
And me trying to impart positivity even within that..
Will it be worth it?
Will it be so?

All the times I compromised with fun
All the times I dreamt of the high
All the times other’s cheered for me
And all the times I stood up for me..
Will they smile back at me?
Will they do so? I don’t know..
But, really wish they do

Transitions are hard
Even if not at reels, in reality it is .
From Comfort zone to an endless sea..
From the blanket of privilege to the tough reality
From dreaming of goal to taking baby steps towards it…
Who says it’s easy? It’s not! Is it?

Transition is exciting.. it’s absolute thrill!
Transition is living again .. again with a higher zeal .
But, it’s confusing, it’s… it’s.. a new world
It’s a new start where nervousness don’t wanna stay apart.
It’s at times .. scary! It is.

Again what strikes the mind :
The confusion I’ll deal with, the new world I’ll try to survive in,the newness I’ll be exploring..
Will all these be worth it?
The smile I’m embracing them with
Will they embrace me back the same?

Mind says “You never know!”
Heart wants to believe “All at the end will be worth it”
Honestly, I wanna believe the heart..
But when mind stares to me.. I don’t know!

Maybe what’s gonna happen will be better than the expectations .
Maybe what’s gonna happen will be brighter than the light we all want .
Maybe what’s waiting would be more satisfying than what we all were striving for..
Atleast let’s believe so ?
Let’s step the baby step .. will face whatever it brings on!


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खुश करना

हर एक को खुश नहीं कर सकते तुम” –
पता है? यह बात, झूठ है।
क्योंकि खुश तो तुम्हारे कारण हर एक होता हैं –
कभी तुम खुद रोऊगे, तो कुछ खुश होंगे
और कभी सचमें खुश होगे तो, कुछ तुम्हारे साथ में खुश हो रहे होंगे

हां! सच बस यह है कि
हर एक को एकसाथ खुश नहीं कर पाओगे तुम ।”

अब इसे अपने इंसानों की कमज़ोरी समझलो तो बढ़िया!
और अगर ताकत समझलों, तो बहुत मज़े की ताकत है यार!
क्योंकि फ़िर तुम ही तो हो जो –
एक ही काम से किसिको खुश खुशाल कर सकते हो..
तो किसिको इतना ताज्जुब, के बंदा हंसे या रोए सोचते सोचते तुम आगे बढ़ जाओगे


Makin’ Happy

You can’t make everyone in world happy” –
You know what? It’s a lie!
As, Everyone do get happy because of you! They do!
Some of them do when your eyes cry
And some smiles with you when you are happy and really wanna fly.

Yeah! What the real truth is :
You can’t make everyone happy at a single time.”

Well, now if You think it’s the weakness of being a human, then Great!!
And if that’s what you consider as strength, let me tell you, it’s indeed a great one!
Since, now it’s solely YOU who :
Only through a single work can make somebody extremely happy
As well as can puzzle someone so well that the person confuses whether to laugh or cry ..
and in the meantime you move ahead doing what you felt right!


Speaks with hope in lips
Being replied with excited voice on ears.
Both wanted hearing the hearts..
But ‘understanding‘ the words were what they feared .
Fear of being judged.
Fear of being unknown.
And…. fear of being eternally known .

Time seemed like a sloth.
But the hearts..
They raced like young horse!
Oh which speed should be followed?
Will following one lead to messing up it all?

Rushing storms of thoughts, poking ’em both!
And eyes filled with questions seeking for a route to get flowed.

Lips uttered less..
Lips, uttered less…from both the ends..
That suddenly, smile took the chance!
And eyes followed, by brightening at their best!

Time rushed as if a horse was freed from harness!
And heart took a deep breath as if it met absolutely what it wanted!

What reversed the role for heart and time?
What’s the magic spell?
….Who knows
Maybe unspoken were the words ..
That spoke the best.

Sky: Deciding

With stars framing a dreamy sky
And sun bidding a bye,
Some starts being there self
Whereas some sleeps for seeing again the daylight.

Eyes looks for the starry nights
As it longs to rain,
Eyes looks for starry nights,
As it’s tired hiding the pain.
They look for starry nights,
As they longs being in absolute personal..personal frame.

Mind wants a daylight
It wants so to divert the self.
Mind wants a daylight
It wants so to make practicality a giant and the starry night an elf .
Mind wants a daylight
To be a machine with blood and sweat again …
To secure the roof above where at night the eyes could rain again

And the soul?
It’s in a fix…will go with whatever brings all the peace

खुशियों वाली

चाहतों से आज भी हम दिल लगाए बैठे है..
लफ्जों पे जो बातें है वो दिल दबाए बैठी है।
कठिनाई के इस अंबर में भी
खुशी की चिड़िया चहकेगी ।

तुम थाम लो उस अंबर को ही..
बदलदो उसके रूप पूरी।
कठिनाई के उस आसमां में, छोड़ दो खुशी के चिड़िया सारे..
हो सके तो उस आसमां में..
बनो चिड़िया किसी और के भी।

इस चंचल सी हलचल में, बनो चंचल चिड़िया एक..
बनो धीर उस हवा सा भी जो, सुबह चूमे बंध पलकों देख।

आसमां यह कठीन नही.. कठीन है इसकी चाल आज..
ध्यान से रखदो कदम एक.. देखो सुलझने लगेगा आज।
लगेगा सुलझने यह क्रोधित बादल..
हटेगी यह स्वार्थी बिजली ..
चहकती हुई उड़ेगी फिर, चिड़िया वो खुशियों वाली।


As the sky meets the sea
Sun bids bye to moon
Thought one will meet the one ..
Will meet the one, very very soon .

One who’s a budding architect of life..wanna meet the one..
Who actually is the palace of dreams one wants to own.


The roads seemed rough
Well some were also pretty smooth.
As if, some were the waves who gets hit by the rocks at shore
And some were the cottony clouds gladly floating up in a blue floor.

Hold on, hold on to the journey..
It’s gonna determine.. gonna determine,
Whether you’ll be the cloud or that wave that hits the rock hard and sound.

If given the choice,
I’ll go for the waves..
‘Cos I wanna see how those pseudo lovers react, when I get hit by the rocks on face ..
And also what they do, when I rise higher exactly after that!


रुई के राहों में उछालते कूदते कदम रखी सड़क पे,
सड़क की तप्ती गर्मी बोली:“रुई लपेट के.. हम चलते हुए क़दमों को गुमराह नहीं करते।”

समझा लिया था खुदको, के ज़िन्दगी रुई की सड़क नहीं..
ज़िन्दगी चाहिए तो ज़रूरत है गर्म कोयला जैसे सड़कों के भी।

रुई से सड़क, सड़क से चढ़ाई.. चलते रहे थे,
थकान और पसीना जैसे मेरे दोस्त ही बन गए थे।

इंसान मिलते गए, दोस्त बनते गए,
कुछ मेहमान बनके आए थे, चले भी गए,
और कुछ.. ज़िन्दगी बनके आए थे तो साथ ही रह गए।

साथ छूटते और जुड़ते जुड़ते हम चलते रहे,
आस लेके एक समय की.. जहा मेहनत के बल पे बेहतर समय खुदका खुद लाए ।

और, बेहतर के तमन्ना में आगे बढ़ते बढ़ते मेहनत और रब ने कब बेहतरीन का दरवाज़ा खोल दिया हैरानी से बस देखते रहे..
फ़िर, रब मुस्कुराए, “आगे बढ़ बेहतरीन को पकड़े रखना भी युद्ध ही है


English translation:

For Better”

Initiating with hop and jumps on soft cottony world
Stepped I, to the real roads in life.
Roads, heated like burning coals speaks up: “We don’t distract peddlers by covering in sweet cottony lies.”

Convinced myself, “Life’s always not that cottony soft”
If the want is of a real life, burning coals as the road is also a must.

From the cottony world to roads of burning coals , from those roads to unknown hilly tours ,
All I did was, just kept going..
Stress and sweat, as if were now my best friends accompanying.

People kept joining, and turned to friends.
Some came like visitors..and went away exactly like them
And a few, came as a part of life.. and simply never went back.

Amidst being joined and being left by some.. I just kept moving,
With a wish that, I’ll embrace a time, where the time will be changed on my hardwork and light.

Then, with a wish for a bit better I kept moving.. and, when I looked up, saw surprisingly..
almighty embraced me not with better but it was the best for me waiting.
And Lord said with smile, “Keep going, holding the best always isn’t like a lil child playing.”


Unique and United

A nation with 1.3billion of us
That do have traffics, noises and many unnecessary fuss.
It’s home of 1.3 billion individual..
And for every individual, it is the most valuable.
Not just ‘cos it’s OUR nation
But also because the nation is indeed special :

The one with the longest constitution,
The one bearing the flag of largest republic across all Nations.
The one with world’s largest democracy.
The one with the widest diversity.
The one that elects leader by votes of a professor as well as one who isn’t even educated methodically.

The country that sets a high bar,
That says, what matters is not from where but WHAT YOU ARE
It’s not your religion that’ll rule, it’s not your ethnicity that’ll rule
It’s the entirely deserving you who’ll Serve the nation NOT RULE !

Oh, I can’t deny, here some evils fight on the name of religion,
Some deprive on the basis of casteism.
They’re just the bugs which tries to pollute the peace and unity.

Unity in diversity? Then have a look!
It’s the country that had a Sikh Prime Minister when it’s president was a Muslim man
and together served a nation comprising of 79.8% of Hindu human

It’s a nation where a Hindu child visits Muslim Friend’s house to have eid’s biryani
And the Muslim child enjoys Holi with that same Hindu family.
On Christmas, you can just witness the same faces Decorating their houses and Christmas tree.

India’s democracy inspires even in diversity
As again, it’s not your background but what matters is your ability..
Because, a person who was an ordinary tea seller once, is now the Prime Minister of the country!
Just because of his dedication and his ability.
Because, the first union minister of law and justice the nation had, comes from a minority community of dalit.
And he’s the one who’s also, the father of our constitution.. yes, read again and remember it.

A nation where unofficially 700 language and dialects are spoken
Where no language is a national language just because no one should feel broken.
A nation where every Minister’s having a different lingual background
But works as a whole for the country, as that’s the right way how the instrument called democracy should sound

Yes India lag in many things
it does need a lot of improvements
But hey! Who’s absolute perfect?
Just how we can’t deny the lags, similarly nobody can even deny the above stated facts!
The facts that we carry with pride
The unity that’s helping us to take all tough ride.
The fact that our democracy’s special even after having bits of flaws..
The fact that we are one even after many tried to break it just by moving their jaws.

Yes we are “one”, I’m one of the “we”
Who says democracy with diversity we posses is special and being Indian is what I am proud to be.
Thus I won’t hesitate and say my word,
Indian democracy is A role model of unity and diversity for the world.

PS. Wishing all Indians and indian origins out there a very happy 73rd republic day ❤️


“Be a man!! Don’t weep like a girl dude! “
“Why so much makeup? Guys don’t put so much of it!”
“You help your mom,wife in house chores! That’s commendable and surprising!!”

May I ask why??
Why can’t men cry??
They’re made of metals.. aren’t they? When one trembles and fall down ..
The knee scratches and bleeds.. it hurts!
And it hurts irrespective of gender!
Or you’ll now say the blood’s aware of the knee’s owner?
When love breaks a heart.. the heart cries ..
Let it be a girl or any other guy!

Girls wearing makeup – “oh wow! So pretty and gorgeous.. “
When a guy loves to wear it, why’s there a whisper or fuss?
Makeup can uplift ones mood,
Let it be a lady or a dude!

Girls being told “you should learn house chores, cooking meals and to wash clothes”
When a guy learns the same, voice comes “You know how to cook? Impressive! You help at house works? Wow! You know how to sweep dirty floors? Great man!!”
Why? Aren’t the guys even living with family in their home? Aren’t they a part of it?
Why would he listen adjectives that highlights this works differently and not a part of growing up?
Cooking, washing clothes aren’t gender based works anymore!
It’s a basic need! Guys feel hungry too and might want to cook for selves or for family, wanna wash clothes too!

BE A MAN!! They say? What’s the definition of “Being a Man” then?
You are a man..you can’t cry,
•You are a man you should know to drive!
•You only earn bread, wife will cook it!
•Don’t share everything that hurts.. you can handle your pain alone man!!
Is this what a man is? Is it what makes a MAN?

A man is also human, his heart cries too!
His eyes also sheds tears.
When the heart breaks it makes inner noise inside him too!!
He can highlight his cheekbones , can go beauty salons, can cook, can wash dishes! And if needed can hit back the critics too!

Don’t bind his life in the quote saying “Be a man!!”
Rather give the space for him to be a Human!
A human is always a human!
Doesn’t matter men or women

The social stereotypes limits them
Limits them from being ownselves!

A real man is the one,
Who can choose to wear makeup or not
Who can choose pink,neon or any color apart from blue also as his favourite if he wants
Who can earn as well as cook bread and food
And the one who if needed can CRY HIS HEART OUT!!
Most importantly if also he doesn’t drive a car, can STAND UP WHEN THERE’S SOMETHING HAPPENING WRONG OR RUDE!!

Man who can both cry out loud and protest out loud is an actual man!!
Any human who can cry out is strongest in the clan !
Those who aren’t allowed to do so, are just ones whom you are trying to make a robot with a cover of
so called Man”

You won’t like to read it..but still! 😬

Hey hey hey!! Well, it’s been long.. and by long I mean reallyyyy longgg I’ve posted something else than my immature and raw poetries that I write and post (you people are too sweet and kind that u r showering love over those poems too). It’s been a week I’m out of idea about what to write and apart from that, I don’t know how, I suddenly became soooo busy! Damn! Thus, just wanted to share all the hectic scheds and everything I am now into.. as it’s gonna help me a bit to organize myself and form a chill bond with y’all? Idk!! (Plus, Thora engagement badh jaayega blog pe I guess😉? .. translation: plus, a bit of engagement will be attracted to my blog by this I guess? Lol kidding!!)

Okay! So ladies and gentlemen! Knowing all the lack of interest of yours u have to know my updates I’m here still sharing them because I want to 😜!

Firstly, I think it’s a great start..but again it’s a hectic one that 2022 has brought for me.. I’m all into different competitions like debates, writing and quizzes and everyything that it’s bringing me immense joy but tiredness too! Talking ’bout Competitions? In my state, the state police have organised a debate competition.. like first district level and the toppers from all the districts of the state will be competing to win the state title. And, Your girl is very happy to say, she won the district level in debate competition !! And will be representing the district at finale at the state level! (Which is now idk when supposed to take place as it has been postponed due to covid rise in the state)
Secondly, there’s a quiz competition waiting for me on 20th Jan…that’s interschool competition again.. organized by one college. So, your girl is stressed 😥!! Got a bit relaxed knowing the debate to get postponed but quiz be like: don’t procrastinate 🙂

Not gonna lie, I’m loving the responsibilities I’m getting..maybe because I love those genres! But the trust school of mine is showing by letting me represent it for the last 2yrs now.. and on a personal level I am super glad I am bringing the best results on the competitions (till now at least). And I guess it’s working as the catalyst for me to go on! But it’s so much stress! Me being a over thinker And a person who panics about the simplest things (is any over thinker or a easily panicking person reading me? If yes, are u understanding my plight?) . Along with all this, I feel Soo guilty everyday for not being able to reply to texts of my close people and I feel like I’m taking them for granted and my overthinking capacity takes it up and up from there! ( But those people are so understanding and kind they say nothing.. but I feel so bad!)

Something u absolutely don’t need to know: Amongst all this! Had a great 5day trip to a beach on the last week of December with my fam!

Putting it just to add a pinch of aesthetic amidst this BORING LONG PASSAGE OF NO SENSE! (Video featuring my beautiful beautiful feet 😂 and the mighty ocean from my December trip) (bgm : Love You Zindagi from the movie Dear Zindagi)

Sorry for making u read a bit longer folks!! It’s still not the end..the main thing is! I’m on the final year’s final few months of my school days and my absolute final exam (boards) is waiting with a red carpet on the road for me to entre march-april.. the exam times! And now I’m just finishing syllabus, doing assignments(they r extra stress! Godddd), attending my tuition classes, going school thrice a week and at the same time doing those competitions (I’m enjoying them ..but..u know 😶)

Also, sometimes it feels so confusing..like I feel is all the hardwork gonna be worth it? Or am I working hard for nothing? Should I only focus on my coming exams and leave aside the Competitions? But again, I feel I won’t be able to focus on studies if I leave all the extra Competitions and all. Readers, wanna ask, What’s your take on it??

It feels like a corporate life ngl! Like I’m having deadlines to submit works, meetings to attend before a great project (here my Competition), managing time for own development and waiting for salary( here , results). But again I’m also enjoying the process..it’s making me ager to look forward to something.

Writing is what I enjoy! And this blog is where I explore others as well as feel brave enough to put out my own writings with a bit of butterflies in the stomach about the response.. but you know, BEING ABLE TO PUT OUT WHAT I FEEL WITH THE ALPHABETS MAKES ME FEEL GOOD AND I’M 100% SURE ALL MY BLOGGER FRNDS FEEL THE SAME WHEN THEY WRITE.

Today, I am putting this out to the mass being absolutely unsure and without hoping for any response, as it’s something very lengthy and just a piece of boring series of alphabets that my heart was screaming to put out though my brain was bit wobbled as WHY WOULD SOMEONE GIVE TIME TO READ SUCH SILLY THINGS? I HAVE NO VALID REASON FOR THAT! And still, if any single one of u are reading it till here, let me tell you: THANK YOU SOO MUCH! LIKE FROM MY HEART! THANK YOU! thanks for reading me, even when I don’t make sense! You people are the best! And I mean it ❤️

With this, ladies and gentlemen.. this boring creature is gonna end and hope y’all don’t curse the creature for wasting so much of your valuable time!


Lost in the blue sky
Lost on the muds
Lost within the people
Had lost some trusts .

Closed the eyes,
Saw someone staring at me
Questioned I , who are you and why?
Those eyes questioned back:
“You sure you’re alone?”
– I didn’t knew what to reply..

Walking away from my bed, the eyes merged into the mirror.
Got up and I sat on the bed ,
Looked into the mirror..
Could see, my reflection staring at me back.
Moving exactly how I am
Piercing looks into my eyes as if saying,
If not anyone I AM HAVING YOUR BACK!


In the world of angels as well as thugs..
I let the veil covering my life, fall apart .

The world my life saw till now had a happy pink net in front of the eyes, which now…… had fallen!!
Letting life actually be a life and see the ‘world’
World- that’s not always ‘an all good fairytale’.
Instead, a world, which had villains, witches, troughs, cries and loneliness…
But, was bravely fought by the goodness, angels, flights, love and togetherness.
Sometimes winning, sometimes… Smashed with the losses .

Realized, ‘only good’ makes me monotonous ..
‘Only bad’ drenches me with stress.
The veil that showed me only the good.. have dropped down .
The veil that showed me only the good.. have finally dropped down ..
Bringing me out of my zone.
Hitting me with the facts saying
“See, everyone’s life’s happening.. not necessarily in a good way always.. but IT IS happening” .

Thought, the veil was putting me away from my reality check..
Started picturizing the veil as a veillain(villain)
Untill I realized, it was necessary too.. up to a certain age..
Just like the warmth of a hen to it’s baby egg untill it hatches .


P.S, Share the experience of your coming out from a veil

Your New Day

Wait a bit .. introspect
Have you actually lost all that you have?
In the dark with a ray of light..look at any surface..
Your shadow is standing there always.
In the light don’t even bother to look up.. ‘cos you know, the sun is there above invigilating you anyways.

Alright if a new day doesn’t excite you the way it used to do earlier..
But, please let the little new things you achieve every moment excite you.
Not necessarily your new day starts with other’s..
New day starts when you think “I’m done for the day, let’s freshly chase the dream again after a few hours.”


(link to my last Hindi poetry podcast: Insaan hai.. pinjre mei na rakho )
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इंसान है.. पिंजरे में न रखो

खुदको कमजोर समझके छुपने वाली  
एक शब्द से ज़्यादा न बोल सकने वाली..
..बोलती भी तो आवाज़ दबी हुई, की कोई सुन सके तो बस खुद ही।
चलते हुए सर झुकाए रखना..
जैसे, वे कोई कीट और भगवान है सामने वाला।

खाना बनाते हुए,
चोट लगे तो अंचल से छुपा लेती,
चोट लगे तो अंचल से छुपा लेती
और खाना अच्छी बने.. तो खुद के हिस्से का बांट देने वाली।
सबको बिना एक अल्फ़ाज़ बोले भी खुश रखने वाली।

"रातको बाल खुला नहीं छोड़ते,"
"लड़को से ज़्यादा बात नहीं करते!!"
"अरे तू भी क्या काम करेगी?
पापा है? भाई है ना? या पति? वो कमा लेंगे, तू घर संभाल ले खाली!"
"बड़ी होगाई है.. अब साड़ी पहन, फ्रॉक नहीं!"
"हाय राम!!लड़की क्या हॉकी खेलेगी? वो भी छोटे छोटे कपड़ों में? हमारे यहां यह मानते नहीं!"

सारे नियम मानते हुए-
"हमें यही तो करना होता है.."
यह मानकर आंसू न दिखाके इसमें खुशियां ढूंडके तब थी वह रहती।।

पर आज, वे कंधे मिलाके साथ चलती
जितना बोलना ज़रूरी है पूरा उतना ही बोलने का अधिकार और दम रखती..
के, "सच बोलरही हूं, तो सुने विश्व के सभी"!

वह है चलते हुए, इज्जत देते और पाते हुए आंखों में आंखें डालकर बोल सकने वाली..
क्युकी सामने वाला भी इसकी तरह है लाल लहू के ही अधिकारी।

खाना बनाते हुए
मम्मी बनके आज भी वो दर्द छुपा लेती,
दर्द छुपा लेती वो डांट के डर से नहीं!
छुपा लेती अपनों को दर्द में न देखने के लिए ही!
क्युकी वो खुदको संभाल खुद ही लेती!
आज भी खाना अच्छा बने तो बोलती -
"यह खाना मुझे पसंद नहीं.."
झूठ बोलती थी..
झूठ बोलती है.. क्युकी पसंद तो उन्हें भी है.. पर उन्हें खाने से ज़्यादा तुम्हारे खाने कि फिक्र है।

आज यह बाल दिनमे भी बांधती है..अगर उसका मन हो तो।
आज वो बाल रात को भी खुला छोड़ती है.. अगर उसे इच्छा हो तो!
आज मम्मी पापा भी घर बुलाते है उसके सारे दोस्तों को.. लड़की लड़का सबको!
"अरे तूने इंटरव्यू तो दिया न नौकरी का?" लोग भाई के साथ पूछते भी है उसको!
वो आज पापा को दवाई खिलाती तो है, साथ साथ खरीद के भी लाके देती है।
वो आज अपने मन से साड़ी पहनती है..
पहनती है फ्रॉक..
पहनती है शर्ट और शॉर्ट भी!
पर, आज भी गुरुजन से मिले तो.. पैर छूकर प्रणाम भी वही करती है!
क्युकी उसकी पोषक उसकी पसंद है..
उसकी अंदर रहने वाली संस्कार या काम का प्रतीक नहीं!
"अरे वाह! क्या dragflick करती है! तारीफ करते है लोग उसी छोटे कपड़ों में तिरंगे के लिए हॉकी खेलने वाली को भी!"

आज वो उड़ने सीखी है.. उसे न बांधो..
आज वो बोलने सीखी है.. उसे बोलने दो..
आज वो जीना सीख रही है सीखने दो!
वो भी तो इंसान है.. उसे पिंजरे में न रखो!
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