Yes I am,
And so are you,
And everyone else..whom you never knew.

You just plan the life.
But it goes to what point you can strive.
And that’s why it’s called a game,
The more levels we cross, we love getting the fame.
All of us are the same,yet are all different,
As in the exam of life, “All questions are same” — is NOT what they meant.

Incomplete you doesn’t mean you are weak,
Incompleteness makes you eager to level up…. don’t weep.
Completion of yours don’t always need another soul,
Your work and heart completes you even if no single soul passes by their own.

Some completes themselves
Some completes each other,
It’s not being dependent
It’s finding yourself and growing together…



P.S, Hey amazing people!! Hope you all are doing great and are being safe. This was a new piece on AhiriCreates .. created with an incomplete mind, without any complete idea of where this piece is gonna end. Drop a like if you liked it and let share your feedbacks and views… complete or incomplete with in the comments.. as creativity completes us ❤️

If u want: here’s the link of my previous blog… Tried something new..


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