Gift them their Open Sky

Every child is an absolute blessing

As beautiful as untimely rain in beautiful spring.

Those little hands, clinging on father’s biceps and mother’s neck

Those little foots running behind siblings to shock them from their back.

Those crystal like eyes carrying tons of dreams,

That innocent smile in sleep, as if they are the supreme.

All that the child has are all their own originality

All that the child achieves are result of their creativity

We at times not only dream for their success

But start to convince them making our dream their life process 💔

It’s our duty to guide them,

Not in the stream we want but stream that interests them!

Every child is special

Let them Bloom rather than being artificial

They have their wings to fly

We just need to allow them their own open sky!

Every child is God’s blessing

Sent to us with their own divinity as a special being

We are the one to love them,guide and gift them the freedom of their sky

So that they can fly higher and brighter without being afraid or shy!

Let’s be the winds guiding the wings towards their dream

Let them decide which way they wanna flap their wings

Let’s gift them their freedom in sky!

Let them reach the dreams as they fly


So this was the #SixthPostOfBirthdayMonth!

It’s a topic I always wanted to do something creative with, as I always believe parents are the safest cage that a little child needs to grow up the strongest and also are the friendliest winds when the little one starts flying! What at times happens is in order to fulfil our dreams through them we forget to ask or prioritize their individual dreams. So, let’s just gift them their own limitless sky so that to their destinations they can fly!

Do let me know your thoughts on the topic in the comments,it helps to connect as well as learn better and like the poem if you actually liked it!

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