You won’t like to read it..but still! πŸ˜¬

Hey hey hey!! Well, it’s been long.. and by long I mean reallyyyy longgg I’ve posted something else than my immature and raw poetries that I write and post (you people are too sweet and kind that u r showering love over those poems too). It’s been a week I’m out of idea about what to write and apart from that, I don’t know how, I suddenly became soooo busy! Damn! Thus, just wanted to share all the hectic scheds and everything I am now into.. as it’s gonna help me a bit to organize myself and form a chill bond with y’all? Idk!! (Plus, Thora engagement badh jaayega blog pe I guessπŸ˜‰? .. translation: plus, a bit of engagement will be attracted to my blog by this I guess? Lol kidding!!)

Okay! So ladies and gentlemen! Knowing all the lack of interest of yours u have to know my updates I’m here still sharing them because I want to 😜!

Firstly, I think it’s a great start..but again it’s a hectic one that 2022 has brought for me.. I’m all into different competitions like debates, writing and quizzes and everyything that it’s bringing me immense joy but tiredness too! Talking ’bout Competitions? In my state, the state police have organised a debate competition.. like first district level and the toppers from all the districts of the state will be competing to win the state title. And, Your girl is very happy to say, she won the district level in debate competition !! And will be representing the district at finale at the state level! (Which is now idk when supposed to take place as it has been postponed due to covid rise in the state)
Secondly, there’s a quiz competition waiting for me on 20th Jan…that’s interschool competition again.. organized by one college. So, your girl is stressed πŸ˜₯!! Got a bit relaxed knowing the debate to get postponed but quiz be like: don’t procrastinate πŸ™‚

Not gonna lie, I’m loving the responsibilities I’m getting..maybe because I love those genres! But the trust school of mine is showing by letting me represent it for the last 2yrs now.. and on a personal level I am super glad I am bringing the best results on the competitions (till now at least). And I guess it’s working as the catalyst for me to go on! But it’s so much stress! Me being a over thinker And a person who panics about the simplest things (is any over thinker or a easily panicking person reading me? If yes, are u understanding my plight?) . Along with all this, I feel Soo guilty everyday for not being able to reply to texts of my close people and I feel like I’m taking them for granted and my overthinking capacity takes it up and up from there! ( But those people are so understanding and kind they say nothing.. but I feel so bad!)

Something u absolutely don’t need to know: Amongst all this! Had a great 5day trip to a beach on the last week of December with my fam!

Putting it just to add a pinch of aesthetic amidst this BORING LONG PASSAGE OF NO SENSE! (Video featuring my beautiful beautiful feet πŸ˜‚ and the mighty ocean from my December trip) (bgm : Love You Zindagi from the movie Dear Zindagi)

Sorry for making u read a bit longer folks!! It’s still not the end..the main thing is! I’m on the final year’s final few months of my school days and my absolute final exam (boards) is waiting with a red carpet on the road for me to entre march-april.. the exam times! And now I’m just finishing syllabus, doing assignments(they r extra stress! Godddd), attending my tuition classes, going school thrice a week and at the same time doing those competitions (I’m enjoying them ..but..u know 😢)

Also, sometimes it feels so I feel is all the hardwork gonna be worth it? Or am I working hard for nothing? Should I only focus on my coming exams and leave aside the Competitions? But again, I feel I won’t be able to focus on studies if I leave all the extra Competitions and all. Readers, wanna ask, What’s your take on it??

It feels like a corporate life ngl! Like I’m having deadlines to submit works, meetings to attend before a great project (here my Competition), managing time for own development and waiting for salary( here , results). But again I’m also enjoying the’s making me ager to look forward to something.

Writing is what I enjoy! And this blog is where I explore others as well as feel brave enough to put out my own writings with a bit of butterflies in the stomach about the response.. but you know, BEING ABLE TO PUT OUT WHAT I FEEL WITH THE ALPHABETS MAKES ME FEEL GOOD AND I’M 100% SURE ALL MY BLOGGER FRNDS FEEL THE SAME WHEN THEY WRITE.

Today, I am putting this out to the mass being absolutely unsure and without hoping for any response, as it’s something very lengthy and just a piece of boring series of alphabets that my heart was screaming to put out though my brain was bit wobbled as WHY WOULD SOMEONE GIVE TIME TO READ SUCH SILLY THINGS? I HAVE NO VALID REASON FOR THAT! And still, if any single one of u are reading it till here, let me tell you: THANK YOU SOO MUCH! LIKE FROM MY HEART! THANK YOU! thanks for reading me, even when I don’t make sense! You people are the best! And I mean it ❀️

With this, ladies and gentlemen.. this boring creature is gonna end and hope y’all don’t curse the creature for wasting so much of your valuable time!


  1. vaniheart says:

    Wow πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘ congrats on your accomplishments

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    1. ahiricreates says:

      Thanks Vani❀️
      Lots of love!

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  2. KK says:

    Congratulations and best wishes! I used to participate regularly in all completions, especially elocution, during my college days. Do what pleases you most. So all the best again πŸ‘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahiricreates says:

      Thanks a lot sir! And thank you for the words! It means a lot and again assures I’m not wasting time in extra curriculars .
      What happens is just the overthinking mind of mine takes over sometimes..and those baseless confusions hovers around
      Thank you for your kind words! πŸ™

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      1. KK says:

        At your age, thinking is good, but not overthinking. Think once and act upon, never regret. Competitions always give a sense of thrill, and without thrill, there is no life. So have it. My good wishes πŸ‘

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      2. ahiricreates says:

        You explained it so perfectly sir! Thank you so much for such clear and wise words.. would definitely keep it in mind always ! Yes, it do gives a sense of thrill and that’s why I can’t leave it!
        Thanks again for this wise words! So glad πŸ™


  3. vermavkv says:

    All the best for the days ahead..

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    1. ahiricreates says:

      Thank you so much sir πŸ™


  4. Lokesh Sastya says:

    I read the post till the end and easily relate to each word.

    Don’t know why? but I want to be with you β€” in your (long) journey.

    1. Board exams

    Though, I am in the final year of graduation I can sense the way board class seems like a big challenge.

    And yes, it’s a challenge. To solve a problem you find it’s the cure. But to face the challenge in the right way β€” you need to start doing experiments.

    The board exam is all yours. Books, notes, online sources, teacher guidance and productive discussions with friends β€” do whatever you want.

    But you have to keep writing your activities and revising your notes, to track your daily progress.

    2. Participating and winning the competitions

    Competition is a game. Anyone can win a game. But to win a series of games you have to be a tough player. (Just like life.)

    Competitions are exciting though. Everyone enjoys them. Do necessary preparation, put your best foot forward, and let’s see what results say?

    Hint: Observe your competitors, and learn from their dos and don’ts.

    3. Love you Jindagi!

    β€œDear Jindagi”, I love the movie. And this song specifically.

    We should give ourselves some time to understand our nature, behaviour and interests. It helps to respond to people and situations correctly.

    β€’ Life is simple.

    β€’ Life is flow.

    β€’ Life is learning

    β€’ Life is expression.

    β€’ Life is creativity.

    β€’ We own our lives. And, therefore, are free to choose the way we want to live.

    Find your way of life, or just design/create it.


    Just write, write and write.

    It’s time to direct your journey towards the right destination…

    Hi Ahiri, I hope your doubts are clear now. If you have any questions, feel free to write to me. We’ll discuss it together.

    P.S.: Take boards seriously. Improve your weaknesses but more focus on your qualities/positive points.

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    1. ahiricreates says:

      I can’t thank you enough lokesh!! Seriously!! Thanks for taking out so much from your valuable time and for investing it at a place where it’s a great help for me! This really really means a lot!! The whole comment is so damn precious and valuable! Thank you so much for reading it whole and answering me one by one with such patience!
      Yes, I’m taking the boards seriously.. doing everything I can so that I don’t get the feeling of regret after exam and can face myself with sense of satisfaction and pride !
      Competitions, yes very well said it’s exciting.. I’m simply giving to whatever extent I can and then be there like a sport to accept whatever the result is.. life isn’t all about highs.. I participate as it gives me a bit of change amongst the study stress but doesn’t take me away from it!!

      Thanks a ton lokesh.. again! So grateful for the whole comment! This means a really I’m glad you’ve put so much effort here ❀️

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  5. Congrats for your prizes…you are doing absolutely fine with your blog and life…best of luck for exams ..

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    1. ahiricreates says:

      Thank you so much piyush ❀️!
      Means a lot ✨

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  6. Hagne says:

    Well, I read till the end, Ahiri.
    You ain’t showing off, it’s okay to celebrate your wins, and I personally think you shouldn’t offer anyone any explanation. It’s okay, girl.✨ And a big congrats on your accomplishments πŸ’ƒ cheers to more wins.πŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚

    I’m an overthinker as well, I can so relate😭 and I’m glad you have friends that understand. I do as well.

    Write, just write, Ahiri. We’re reading.πŸ€—

    P.S: This is no jumble of nonsense. It’s a great post. It’s okay to feel great about you, it’s okay to allow yourself to share your thoughts.🀸

    Best of luck with your exams.

    Be good.🀍

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    1. ahiricreates says:

      Firstly thanks for reading till the end ❀️
      And thank you Soo much for your lovely words 🀧❀️

      Yup! I’m glad I’ve a few of the frnds who understands me, and good to know u have too🍁!
      Yes, will write! And I know all you amazing people r there to read them and that’s what pushes me more to write ❀️

      Lastly, again.. thank you Sooo much dear for all the positive and lovely words! This means a lot😭❀️
      Wishing you all the love! Keep smiling

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      1. Hagne says:

        Always my pleasure.πŸ€—πŸ€

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  7. Lokesh Sastya says:

    Just revisiting this post and want to tell you that I make those stupid expressions when I am alone in the room. (blushes)πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahiricreates says:

      Haha!! Yes, it is funnnπŸ˜›πŸ˜‚

      So happy u revisited it for a saying this!!β€οΈπŸ˜‚

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  8. Congratulation!!
    and best wishes for the future!
    also, yes this blog was a bit longer, but it was an important share. It tells people about you and let them know a little more about you. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahiricreates says:

      Feels good to know you read it and you didn’t found it unnecessary 🀣β™₯️!
      Thankyou so much for the lovely comment 🍁

      Keep smiling!!

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