15th August 1947, the faces who tolerated a lot, finally smiled.. smiled with freedom.. as our mother, Mother India was now solely Ours! We all are indebted to those sons and daughters of this land..the hero heroines, whose bloods and lives gifted us the freedom we have now. But, along with those names are also the most selfless yet selfish people to whom we all should be indebted to (selfless to let their their child fight for the country’s good and selfish for doing everything for their country’s good)..

On 15th August 2021, This piece of mine is dedicated to them.. the hero heroines behind our hero heroines..


The voices that fought
The sweats that dropped
The bloods that were shed
Of those who are alive, despite being dead..
Are still Inside us, inside all and on the mother land.

They Had a group of heroes
Group of heroines
And group of blooming lives that will grow up to expunge the sorrows .

The groups that never Stopped those rising voices
The groups who cried for the blood shedders
But never showed it on face.
The one army heroines
Who fed the dearies of the shedding bloods
Who kept safe the “lives from whom that life with rising voice arrived!
The most courageous parents
Who haven’t forced the rising voices to stop
Who did let their child to fight from the front .. representing millions of lives..
Whom they knew.. absolutely not!

Those wonder women and those supermen
Who let our freedom fighters believe.. “move ahead we’ll be well.”
Are the unsung hero heroines who fought a lot.. by being silent.
Are the hero heroines we should be indebted to
For letting their son, daughter, husband receive bullets on chest
Hang on ropes gifting us freedom on hand.


  1. Beautiful creation, Ahiri. Your poem touched my heart. We have struggled for freedom, and it’s time to maintain its value.

    Your words speak up your feelings.
    Your feelings are our feelings. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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