Out of the shell, comes a small beak peeping
Followed by two marble like eyes and a body like cotton ball
Staring at someone who has exactly features like her but in a bigger form
She grows with her happiness and keeps chirping
The family looks up to hear it always, they crave for it.

But as she grows, her chirps and flights begin limiting itself,
Just because some toxic vultures not chirp but screams louder noticing her successful flights!
The bird still chirps…
But, puts a rock on it sometimes when she knows her chirping will stay unheard ‘cuz of the loud screamers

Hey bird, it’s a tough world and has lot of judgemental vultures too
But also, since it’s a tough world, there’s a lot of whooper swans, who flys non stop!
Who are there to let you chirp, to let you fly, to let you smile and to be yours when you cry!

You fly! You discover!
Discover yourself and discover the world, spread the goodness you’ve conquered .
Your family’s backing you, all rest beautiful birds in the world too, despite being him or her or anyone.

There’s many who wanted to chirp and fly but weren’t strong enough to gather courage
Please Be their strength and just take off!!

For the sake of keeping every being first
Don’t let the dreams you looked for yourself with your people be the last.
Please bird take off – don’t get lost

Spread your wings and just fly


  1. Hello everyone! I know it’s been nearly a month I haven’t posted anything.. was busy with bunch of competitions this month so wasn’t able to take out some time and think.. and my think tank wasn’t working 🙄!

    I’m glad to have u amazing people around who always supports guides and help me in writing! Much love ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! thanks for sharing your words! ❤️
      Truly speaking to a point we all have been one.. and now we all will fly.. for ourselves…for our people..
      Thanks to the vultures for existing..they make us strong 😉


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