Should I just believe what you say?
Or should I think myself and then believe?
Will you call it me doubting you?
Or you’ll understand even I have a reason for rethinking too?

I trust you blindly
‘Cause I know, you complete me.
When incomplete me is in dilemma,
You solve it such a way, as if it wasn’t serious, but just a comedy drama.

Sometimes all the problems just vanishes out if I follow what you say,
Also, sometimes I hear it’ll mess up if I follow what YOU say.

But I believe strongly
What you say is exactly what I feel.
Sometimes you’re an emotional fool and me rational,
But, even then, your decisions are the reason of my zeal.

We both contradict each other but we both together make the statements, which portrays how as a whole am I to be defined.
I complement your thoughts and contradict too,
‘Cause I know, you can’t be wrong even if sometimes I do.

That’s a lil confession to you from me, with whom you are intertwined.
It’s for you my “Heart” ,
…With love, your “Mind”….


    1. I’m completely fine Lokesh πŸ€—

      I penned it down just while sitting idle.. in a thought..

      Thank you so much for the concern.. that’s really sweet of you.. I’m alright smiling and working ❀️


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