For making a concrete jungle
We are subtracting the living ones.
For a sophisticated future,
We are subtracting life savings creature.

We are developing and modernizing..
Trust me, that’s really mind blowing!
That’s our future’s need!


But, have you seen a globe? At least the plastic one?
That’s blue and green..
In reality,
‘Tis the water and the donor towards whom for oxygen WE lean!

Concretizing the feasibility of needs is fantastic!
But, will human kind exist till that for witnessing it?

The lungs look for greenery,
And the whole body too!
But our eyes wanna see 90 storey buildings
And then post “I LOVE GREENERY TOO!”

If not for others,
Make the place greener for Mother Earth and at least ONLY FOR YOU?


    1. Yes we all are co-travellers in this game sirπŸ™Œand we have to co-create at least for ourselves ❀️

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting your kind words ❀️

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  1. I so agree with you Ahiri. We are regressing in the name of progress. Aren’t we scared of the world we are leaving behind for our generations to come? It pains my heart to keep reading about man’s punder of nature in the name of development.

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    1. Exactlyy! We are going for progress and that’s necessary..but that should not take place by regressing the natural facilities that makes us survive! Who will enjoy those developments if while making it only human kind gets get extinct?!

      Nature doesn’t need us, we need nature for our survival ❀️

      Thanks a lot radhika for reading and sharing your valuable words here! Really Means a lot ❀️


  2. Development and environment conservation are parallel to each other. We are developing by harming nature, it is a loss.

    Growth should be focused on benefiting society and not the business interest of few people. Resources should be distributed to the people who need them. Learning, care and training of utilising resources in the best way will be a worthy initiative.

    Human Development. We have one of the largest resources on the earth – our people. If our citizens do not fully rely on government programs and focus on self-help startups, they will become a centre to employ a larger community.

    Any initiative in recovering nature and its beauty will be wholeheartedly welcomed. Thank you for the beautiful poetry. πŸ’πŸ’

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    1. Very well defined true words! Absolutely both are parallel and both needs attention.. harming nature is like indirectly harming oneself only!

      Yes, government schemes r there but we citizens also need to come forward and help in this process to make the result flourish more!

      Thank you Soo much for reading it and for taking out time to put your valuable thoughts and acknowledgement here.. means a lot!!
      Thank you Lokesh 😊

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  3. Oh yes, we need to take care of nature. There is better ways to do things, much better than how we are doing them now. Humanity needs this environment to keep living. Opening line was brilliant. The mistakes we make by subtracting through our additions. Really good job, Ahiri!

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  4. This poem nails it completely… Excellent work… I liked these lines a lot…

    For making a concrete jungle
    We are subtracting the living ones.

    But our eyes wanna see 90 storey buildings
    And then post β€œI LOVE GREENERY TOO!”

    Brilliant piece of writing…

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