(one of my midnight sketches)

Be a mirror to yourself,
Be your own strength
Express “the you” to “yourself”
Express your flaws to it..
Chain-up your flaws and wear it while attaining your success.

Understanding yourself better is the most pleasant feeling,
Expressing yourself to yourself, and evaluating fare..
Is of great bravery, and proves you are growing.

Everytime growing is not necessarily shown outside practically
Sometimes it’s inner…
It plays inside with your emotion and intellect
And reflects the YOU outside when it’s the real testing track.

Express the strength of yours
And accept, everytime you are NOT the only boss.
Everyone is a teacher, so are you..
Keep spreading what you know and don’t shy away from learning new.

Expressing oneself and accepting what you are is the first and biggest step.
Next comes changing yourself ONLY if it’s needed not because other’s love seeing you like that!

Express what you have and accept what you learn
Fame is not only money,
It’s also the respect you earn!



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