Are you ‘the’ one I dreamt of?
Or the one I fear the most?
You’re the one who makes my future happy, right??
Or the one, I shouldn’t pamper and keep out of sight?

I heard, You provide wings…to fly higher.
And also heard, facing a lil storm leaves you fully shattered?

You know, I saw the happy face of yours,
And the sad too,
But I’m confused..
Are you the happiest when I am not?
And the saddest, when happiness surrounds me too?

Some says I must have you in life
Some says, no one should ever have someone like you,
Whom should I listen to?
Should I hold you tight or shall I bid a bye?
Or keep you like a classmate, who exists, but our chat is just always a bye and a hi?

I choose to be your classmate,
Who do exist,never ignores, but doesn’t attend all invitations.
The one, who just texts “Sorry to hear” in sorrow and in your success a “Congratulations”
Shake hand my classmate, My Dear Expectations



Thanks a lot for giving a part of your valuable time to the writing by reading it 🙏❤️ hope you guys liked it, drop a like if you did 😊. Do share your thoughts and feedbacks in the comments.. let’s connect.

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