Who’s there?

Tip tap.. tip tap..
Is anyone coming here?
Look, the grasses moved!” – panicked the lil girl ,
I said, “Relax, it’s the swirling wind.. nothing to fear“.
“Nothing to fear” said I,looking at her,by just locating her silver ribbons..
In the complete dark.

But the grasses moved ‘cos of a footstep!“, She said, defending her statement.
Ah! You’re imagining that” I said (though fake) but being confident.
Deep in the woods are we two,
For a long desired campaign we wanted to do..
‘A jungle night! To explore, reside and more’.

My digital watch glowed up.. it’s 01:01..at night.
Don’t fear! Let’s look for a cleaner place to sleep
I said, patting her shoulder.

Switch the mobile flash di..it’s dark “..
-“Ah Yes,let me ” – said I .
Leave flash! the mobile itself isn’t opening..it’s dead ” – I said.. frustrated.
It was a campaign..so we were prepped
With a red torch, and three white candles..all backpacked.

The darkness increased, swirling of winds rushing by the ears ..
With zero visibility all I can do was, locating her by the silver ribbons and let her not fear.

..Can’t find the torch, made the candles our source of light..

Is someone else also camping here?” questioned she..
I questioned back, “Well I don’t think, but why?
Then who was that Lil kid waving me,right from there?” – she pointed..but darkness restricted me to see..where.

Her words made me curious..
My heart gave me a thought, “Let’s see if someone’s there.. especially any family.. we’ll make a group camp without any fear” .
After finalizing the direction from her, I moved ahead looking for human..
She accompanied me.

Was chatting with her and walking..me at front,she behind me.
The wind rushing speedier…. night’s getting darker,and candles, candles blew off!
Suddenly, heard her voice at my distant left “Hey di, look who’s here!
It amused me when she went to my distant left and had met someone, whereas a millisecond ago, she was talking to me from behind.

Well, I followed her voice, walked nearer locating her silver ribbons.
Could hear her, but she wasn’t there!

That’s the first time I was petrified that night!
Rushed back to my last standing point..she wasn’t standing there!
Then to the sitting place,
She was alone searching for the torch in the bag right there.
I questioned, “Why you left my back during walk and went to left? And now here?

She laughed, “What a joke di! You went alone, I was the whole time only sitting here

And, shivers went down my spine.. ‘cos I did saw her there

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