The Two Factors

Hey guys! Here comes the #SeventhPostOfBirthdayMonth.

Before we start: Sorry for being a bit late as I was not at home for last three days and got busy with studies after coming back. And that busy schedule with studies and stuff made me tired physically and mentally as I was having a bit extra work and my sleeping schedule became a mess. And that made me write this blog as it’s all about the 2factors to make the best out of what we are working on. Though it’s better late than never. Here’s the blog. Enjoy!

Everything we do, there are two factors constant that either just spoils the matter, or make it a quality one, or just makes the best out of us to be presented! They are:
Dedication during the stage of making
Confidence during the stage of presenting.

Every work we do always require this two ingredients as bases of the two phases BUT as per the requirement. We always have heard the sentence- anything in the required amount is good and anything excessive is bad. This goes in this case too.


Let’s see how required utilisation of these two factors help:

Firstly, Dedication: Dedication is the main catalyst here that makes us faster with our work and is the keyboard that inputs what to do and how long to do, for what we wanna get in the end. Having dedication in what we do is very necessary as it keeps the pace and keeps us in track. Specially when we are doing something that interests us and we wanna reach heights with but in eyes of others it’s still a question mark and especially when we get people around us discouraging us in that work.

The level of dedication towards what we do sets the range of fire inside us for that work. Dedicate yourself towards what you live for and has a good impact on others.

Let the fire of dedication light candles in a dark room rather than burning the whole room into ashes

– AhiriCreates ♥️


Secondly, Confidence: In a single line, “Confidence is the key!” Yes, confidence is the main key! Whatever we make or whatever we work hard on, when it comes to present it in front of world, what decides how it’s gonna be executed is the “CONFIDENCE” . A lot of people are there who are much more meritorious than other when it’s about dedication while making but suddenly lags behind while presenting it and that’s due to confidence. Because when I have the best process of making it and have the full dedication,that means I know the process and it’s details but when it comes to present, despite of knowing everything I stumble, stammer and stop abruptly having a blankness in the voice and face that drowns the possibility of huge success a bit. And that happens due to lack of self confidence. Confidence and overconfidence is different. Like how overconfidence drowns people, lack of self confidence works as an iron chain while moving forward. Thus, having the confidence based on our capacity and having it written in mind “IF I DID IT TILL THIS STEP, I HAVE TO MAKE IT TO THE END AND I WILL“. And when it comes to presentation, sometimes positive confidence while answering or presenting the work helps the minor flaws to get ignored and covered up!

Ones in village all were to gather for praying for rain in drought. All came with folded hands, a small boy came with an umbrella.



It’s very important what our approach is, what our vision is and how we are working for it. Any gloomy day can turn into a positive day if we personally have a positive thinking and the eye to find out a positive from everything negative happening around us. Especially in the present scenario through which the world is now going through.


Do share your views on the topic and whatever you feel in the comments as it encourages and connects! Don’t forget to drop a like so that I can understand you enjoyed it or it had an impact in you!

Much love!


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