This is a random blog and the #FifthPostOfBirthdayMonth, which I’m writing and posting raw without anything’s just my heartfelt thanks to all you sweet people showering love to me!

I was so very happy I still remember the date : 12/03/2021 I got the notification of WordPress that my blog have reached 100likes! I was so damn happy and grateful that finally this small own place of mine is able to be loved by all you people and have some time of yours for them. I took the screenshot of the notification to keep as a memoir of that first happiness. 👇

The screenshot I took on 12th March 2021

And today as I had a day off, I was mostly in the app reading fabulous contents of other creative bloggers and enriching myself. I reacted and replied to the posts that I loved a lot and even got replies back, as I was getting all those notifications of people liking or seeing my posts. With all those notifications,I got one more notification of WordPress stating this 👇

And that’s the notification I got today

Guys! Now look at today’s date! It’s 12/04/2021! Exactly one month after my 100likes! Maybe this is what is said to be coincidence 😇! I didn’t realized it earlier, but after taking the screenshot it’s obvious I went to the 100like screenshot, checked the date and I was like Wow!!

I know it might not be as big like it’s to me, to reach 100 or 200likes for someone else. But I know all of us here in the community know the feeling when our hard work and creation is loved by others! And I’m feeling that right now! Started the blog last year on July but wasn’t active. Took it seriously from Jan 2021 and in the last 3and half months the love I received was amazing this is the thing which is constantly working as motivation to create more. I would’ve loved to mention some of the amazing bloggers who were the ones to constantly support me by reading my posts and by giving feedbacks in comments,but I won’t particularly name them as it’s all of you to whom I owe my thanks as it’s a tiny achievement but still that’s a huge motivation for me and it’s the result of all of you reading my works! ♥️


___________forever grateful to you all: Ahiri 💕 ( )


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