Mischievous me!

Here comes up the #SecondPostOfBirthdayMonth!

This is gonna be a blog which would take me to flashbacks and make me smile alone 😂 as “hey hey! This is gonna be about the mischievous,troubling, and restless side of me😉” a blog with some of the mischievous and fun deeds I did in my schools, home or anywhere with my friends,cousins and more!

Me and my cousin bro got scolded for… : This is a thing I did a longgg back! Most probably, I was 11yrs of age. It was summer time and the temperature commonly was around 30-34°C , at the noon time his parents,my parents used to be at their respective offices and works and we used to be at home (summer vacation was on) with our house help. One day I don’t know what popped in our head and we decided let’s have a swimming pool time! Now,where would we get one? What we did then was, in our rooftop we had three plastic water tanks where through machine,water used to rise and get collected for all bathing, and for taps. We opened the lid of one of them,it was a bit less than half filled, my cousin got inside! As it was covered,it was all soothing and cool in this hot weather, seeing him,even I got inside with his help and we had a banger! As we got the fun, we did this for 4-5 days and on 6th day my aunt(cousin’s mom) she didn’t went to her school(she’s a teacher) and since she was sleeping we were in our “pool party” waking up not finding us,she reaches the roof and caught us red handed. That moment we were just called off the tank and released. Later as my uncle, mom and dad arrived she narrated the story and we were scolded for being into such risky “pool party” when we are alone. Now recalling that we both laugh a lot but we realize how risky it was, we both were small (me being 11 and he being 14yrs of age) if good forbid any day we were not able to come out of tank, it would’ve been so dangerous. If someday we would’ve got inside with water being filled more than half and get suffocated would’ve been the scariest. They scolded us being tensed and made us realize our fault. Though it was risky, but that was the BEST POOL PARTY I HAD 😉

In the pic: That’s me at midnight 🙈

Cutting through bag chains for dark chocolate: haha! Yes, well this was of when I was 15yrs of age and I still remember this crystal clear! There was a guy in our class who used to bring those “Amul dark chocolate” of 99rupees in Indian currency and we use to have a friendly tussle/fights about it with him (in positive vibes of course). And he used to manage it safely with him till the end of day in school . Being in fright of us just robbing it he kept in in those diaries making chest inside. One day it was the recess time and 5 of us when the guy was not in class took the charge of his bag then in order to get the access to his locked zip of back a mischievous idea popped in my head and we took a pen opened the cap and with the pointed side of pen me and my crazy mind broke the zip line of that particular pocket of his bag! Boom! The huge chocolate bar was in front of us and it’s owner was not even in site. We took the chocolate out,tore the packet, had nearly 90% of the whole by sharing within us and maybe just to minimize our crazy work’s level and be a bit fare we kept the rest 10% for him in the bag. The Zipline was already broken so can’t repair that, and left it covered. Next few periods,we were out of the guy’s site and even he didn’t noticed his chocolate pocket. Next day we got the reaction and faces his anger with bundle of laughter! Well we already got what we wanted.. so took the anger of him as a free gift !

That’s the actual 4of us

Pranked one of my best friends, by not turning up: This is one year later the last one. We were in 10th grade of school, and it was very near to our class 10th board exams(Indians here will get the hype of 10th cbse boards) . Well, since it was very close to final exams (month before the finals) we were not attending the school everyday as syllabus at school was done and the time was more for self study and analysis. So what we used to do is me with my gurl gang of 3more members we used to decide whether we’ll come next day or study at home, as coming school it was mandatory rule in the gang of coming together. So,the day before the prank was played, we 4 were discussing about coming tomorrow and that moment the plan popped in one of we rest three and by eyeing each other we decided! We three that moment showed that we’ve mutually decided and will come school next day for sure as we 4had to clear some confusion from teacher. Next morning, that friend of my (the victim 😂) before going to school might have called me for some notes or stuff to take with me to school but since picking up the call will make me answer her, I avoided! DONE! I informed rest 2about her calling me so that we all are alert. She went school, thought we are late but then realized none of us turned up for the day and she was badly pranked! Whole day without us in school! Next day we went school finding her all angry on us, not answering us, sitting separate. We all were laughing so hard,but felt sorry for her too! Later her anger pacified by bursting on us,yelling at us and hitting us! We felt a bit for her, but believe me THIS WAS SO FUN!

It’s Prank call time! (went unsuccessful) : This is the most recent one! I clearly remember,the date was 16th January 2021, me,mom,dad went for a drive and while coming back we stopped at one of my best friend’s house (She’s one of those prankster of the very previous prank I shared here)Here,let’s name her Sue. There in her room, we two were sitting and when two mischievous people are together something is bound to happen! We took her father’s phone and called one of our friend as we thought to prank call our friend (we took uncle’s phone so that he-our friend,can’t identify the number). We decided, we’ll call him, one of us would start talking by asking who’s number it is and why did I got missed calls from this number, and since we will be actually faking and he would deny about missed calling us, we would burst upon him saying he did, and now denying, wasting our time and create a heat, at last revealing the truth. All set! Well planned! Now time to execute! We called his number, cleared our throats, phone was received on the other end, we said “Hello”, got a “hello” in reply, but WAIT! that’s not his voice! It was his dad! That’s not the voice we were expecting! Sue hurriedly hanged up! We both quiet,looking at each other! After few seconds I broke the silence asking her, why did you hung up? It made his father more curious about the call! Then while deleting the call history,we got a ring back and since we were on the screen the phone got automatically received! It was his dad saying hello! Sue again cut the call in hurry! I screamed at her – Stop cutting it stupid! As his dad would interrogate him asking – “who are the girls calling on your phone and hearing my voice they’re hanging up?” . Then, we mutually decided, let’s call back and say something and manage or else if uncle calls back and Sue’s father receives the call,that would be a clueless embarrassment for both of them. We decided to call and speak in bengali( our mother tongue) then shifted our plan to speaking in Hindi so that we can fake that we dialed a wrong number. But the moment he received the phone,I don’t know out of hurry and quick response by him,I involuntarily started speaking in English 😂( Sue looking at me confused). Uncle received the call, I replied and I quote “Hello, we’re extremely sorry for bothering you, actually we were calling one of my colleague and due to last digit mishap the call got connected to you” and left him with only the option of saying “No issues,it’s alright”. Then, I texted that friend saying why on Earth was his phone with uncle?! And told what about we did with his dad and he was like “Oh! Was it you guys? I thought it was a call for dad as one of his client calls in this number in general at this time and as the number was unknown I thought the call is for him as all you guy’s numbers are saved in my phone! 🤪. (Huh! )


THE COMMENTS SECTION IS ALL YOURS, DROP YOUR MISCHIEVOUS INCIDENTS THERE , would looovvee to read them! Thanks a lot for stopping and reading by! As all these posts are coming up on my birthday month, I though of sharing this few mischievous deeds of mine with you all. If you guys had fun in reading the incidents (in some case, accidents😂) please do consider to give a like and comment ♥️ stay happy, and mischievous! Lots of love

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