“A day I’ll remember for long”

As I promised, this is the first day of my birthday month and I’ll be making this month a big part of my blogging with posting Maximum and heart-to-heart contents! Here comes the #FirstPostOfBirthdayMonth ♥️

30th March 2021 it was. We a group of 50 selected students from our school of my grade with 5 of our teachers under a school camp of ours, went for a visit to a pure, filled with innocence and a love seeking place – An orphanage ♥️!

It was a bus trip from our school to the orphanage in a hot day with scorching sun making us all sweaty and a bit tired. But believe me, the moment we got down the bus, with all the stuffs we brought for them, from 70kilos of rice,packed dry sustainable foods to all the clothes that were newly bought by us but were never worn or rarely worn; and saw the little ones were there opening the gate to welcome us with a big smile of getting extra love and people around them- for them, just converted all the sweaty tired faces to faces with a sudden smile in aw and bliss!

They didn’t ever saw us even till a minute ago but now they’re smiling,dancing and talking to us as if we knew each other for years! Those boys of 5-6 yrs are a family together who didn’t know what a family with parents is like and the way they accepted us in moments made us feel blessed to be a part of their life though it was just for an hour or two.

We clicked numbers of pictures with them – with their purest smiles! We danced all together, we sang , most importantly we tried to made them feel special like “Yes,you people are not all alone, maybe we can’t visit you everyday but whenever we do,we won’t let you have a complain” .

This is gonna be a day that I won’t forget easily..rather those innocent selfless smiles won’t let me forget the love and memories I cultivated from there!

A request, guys we all are having problems in life..but we must admit we are lucky enough at least we got a life like this where we got parent if not parents in some cases to be our support from our infancy . We got to eat what we wanted. We got the scope to demand for a packet to chips while passing through a snack shop nearby. We were able to be accessed to our dream school. We got the scope to cry because our parents scolded us. The little ones out there in the orphanage , they are really taken care of, they are given the scope of studying in school too! But, they don’t get the scope of pulling their dad/mom’s finger while passing by a snack shop to buy them a chip. They did got the scope of crying because of parents,but not because they were scolded by them, but because they miss them,some never saw them whereas some lost them. We all despite having problems in life are blessed! It’s my request help the organizations who are working for them, help the kids at least get the best of the life they’re leading, it’s not always supporting financially, support them by giving the clothes that you bought for yourself but you never worn , support them by being with them emotionally and support them by sharing your bit of time and love with them!

‘Cuz they are the buds who will Bloom

They are the lights of the Earth’s room

They are the lil ones who seek love

They are the ones who’s hearts are still cotton fluff

Share your love share don’t only spend

Show them, yes it’s tough but it’s not the end.


P.S: If you have reached to this part of my writing, I would like to say a big thank you guys for reading my content.. I would be grateful if you share your valuable thoughts in comments as they connects me with y’all and encourages. Do drop a like too if you liked it! This is the first of April and as promised I would try to make maximum and heart-to-heart contents this whole month!


  1. Happy Birthday Month! Hope it all goes amazing for you!


    1. ahiricreates says:

      Thank you soo much for your lovely wish ♥️!!
      Wish you a happy day and month ahead too..filled with amazing success and wellness ✨


      1. Welcome! Thanks so much. All the best for you as well!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Mamalava says:

    Happy Birthday! What a great start to your birthday month. I look forward to reading more!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahiricreates says:

      Thank you Soo much ♥️!! Very true..this was the purest start of my birthday month! Your comment made me happy to know one’s gonna look forward to read more of my birthday month posts!
      ♥️Thanks for the words! Keep shining and keep supporting ✨


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