Black is also just a colour!!

Black is also just a colour!!

We often come across talks like don’t wear “this” color in this occasion,this colour is a symbol of omen or death or bad luck..such things. Dude!! This is merely a colour! Yes colour expresses our mood in a way we can say that but this is not necessary that one color has to always be a symbol of something!someone can wear a color just because THEY LIKE THE COLOUR AND THE GARMENT!

For an instance, at places or beliefs, it’s said that one should not wear BLACK in any happy it’s the symbol of death or mourning! I don’t wanna hurt someone’s sentiment but, is our good wishes and blessings so weak that just wearing a black dress to a happy occasion would make us convey a negative vibe or symbol, despite carrying good wishes and blessings for people on the occasion??

Even I wear dresses of colours according to my choice! I wear bright vibrant colours and I’m also a big time Black lover! I consider black to be one of the most smart and dignified colour (P.S, not only in terms of dress,in terms of skin color also,I love dark tone) and I don’t know or would not even wanna believe that it’s to be categorized as a colour that only represents dark, negative. I have seen people to just randomly judge, “wow! Nice dress ha! beautiful! But.. wearing black in a wedding function.. I think one should avoid this atleast at happy occasion”

Let colours be just colours,

Let colours help you enhance your mood

Let colours NOT be a symbol of negativity, Everytime darkness doesn’t mean “darkness”!


It’s all about how we think! There’s nothing wrong in thinking a colour as a symbol.. but there’s no need to take a colour as a symbol of anything negative! Its just about what the person feels and wanna give rather than what colour or what kind of clothes he/she is wearing.

YOUR ENEMY WEARING ONE OF THE BRIGHTEST COLOURS WHILE COMING TO A SPECIAL DAY OF YOURS FOR CREATING SOMETHING DANGEROUS IS ALSO POSSIBLE! Look the person and person’s thinking to know what he/she wants to pass not by the clothes that he’s wearing.

(at the end,don’t forget to share your views with me in the comments and to like the post if you liked it.. it encourages to create more)


  1. Lúcia.M says:

    I like how you mentioned “let colours just be colours”… We tend to attach meaning to almost everything that at some point we deprive ourselves from enjoying them…. Great post ✨

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahiricreates says:

      Very well said “we tend to attach meaning to everything and deprive ourselves from enjoying them”😇 thanks for reading and sharing your beautiful makes me happy ♥️
      Have a great day ✨

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  2. You bring up some great points! Black shouldn’t be seen as just being a “negative” and “unhappy” color. Even throughout history and cultures it has also been associated with fertility and water. And, like you said, it allows us to see the stars clearer.

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    1. ahiricreates says:

      Thanks a lot for the acknowledgement 😇!
      And thanks for sharing your views over the topic.. I’m grateful! 💕
      Stay happy!

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      1. You’re welcome. Good perspective you have. Stay safe!

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  3. Shelly DS says:

    Agreed, a colour is a colour! The only exception would be wearing a white dress to a western style wedding. That for me is a no and very disrespectful to the bride!

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  4. ahiricreates says:

    Thanks for sharing your views! Sharing views enriches and encourages ✨
    Have a great day ♥️


  5. Pavithra says:

    Wow that’s amazing!!
    Even i love wearing black all the time but I get a lot of hate comments.
    People also should never judge someone based on the colors they like!!
    Great post!!

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