With a seed in our heart,
What we sow are dreams & courage to start.
Dream to reach the dreamlands..
And courage to conquer all storms as well as some witty glance.

It’s not the individual seed that grows,
It carries the dream of parent-plants & backlashes from it’s foes.
Growing a dream to reality is just the same as growing a seed,
You reach where you reach, based on what how you sow and what you did.

Rising higher,is an alarm clock yelling at it,
Nothing ever grows with Zero pain,
It’s the strong roots and courage that never goes in vein.

Screams the sapling’s heart,
“It’s you who dreamt of, and will conquer it!”

In storm, even flights face turbulence
But not every flight with people dies always.
It’s you, the sapling, who tackles the drumming storm,
It’s you, the flight, who’s composed & calm.

It’s the seed of a plant & heart of yours,
that was given water, humus & strength for years.
Face the storm.. take a step back if needed,
Hold your head up & Again move ahead.

Every hard time does nothing but nourish
Yes you Lil plant,
So that you can FLOURISH, FLOURISH and always FLOURISH.

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