Love yourself, and Let the Love Spread

Love yourself,and Let the Love Spread

Love yourself,otherwise who will? Love yourself, ‘cos other’s are busy fulfilling their own will.

Love yourself, ‘cos you are your lifetime support. Love yourself, you’re not other’s game or sport.

Love yourself,to find what your actual work in the Earth is

Love yourself, ‘cos you are not here for being someone’s doll piece.

Shower love to those who doesn’t know how it is to be cared & loved.

Shower love to those who needs support and were always only judged.

Love yourself,and let love spread..

As this is what along with humanity, strengthens the humanity’s thread.

The most unconditional love you can show to someone are the two pillars & reasons of your life,whom you call your mom and dad,

They might be wrong sometimes,but they never want something which for you is BAD.

Shower love to those who doesn’t say YES in everything you do, Not ‘cos they wanna hurt, but because they CARE FOR YOU..

Loving yourself is NOT an unnecessary tantrum! It’s a must !

Loving yourself,is NOT an unnecessary tantrum,it’s a must!

Or else YOUR VALUE in YOUR LIFE would be just as the same as a piece of DUST!

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