Bharat, India, Hindustaan, Bharat mata, Bharotborsho – well wait! What are all these that I’m writing? These are nothing but various names for the ultimate mother of 1,380,004,385 human beings – INDIA❣️! And trust me! muttering the names in my head while writing right now also gives a different feeling..and i know that’s how it feels to all when they talk about there country. Oh! by talking about talking in the last line, i remembered, while talking to Indian people in India, sometimes we Indians need translators to understand what the other person is talking about ( well,the last line was filled with a lot of “talking”😂). And that’s one of the beauty of India as India is considered one of the top countries which are rich in languages. I hear a lot of lovely people who aren’t Indian to say we speak “Indian” language or “Hindi” is the “National Language”,though it’s not their fault as 40% people of india have hindi as mother tongue. But what is the actual thing is India don’t have any national language, however, article 343(1) of Indian Constitution specifically mentioned Hindi along with more 22 languages as the official languages of India,stating states can have their own official languages according to majority’s mother tongue and people’s convenience. Though including the languages that are still spoken in interior parts of India, and in various cultures, the number of Languages is more than 1600.

Our mother ❣️

Just like how you can see various traditional dresses in various states of India,various climatic conditions in various states of India, the language is also different – not only inter state but at many places intra state also there are different languages. Yes most of the people along with mother tongue are equipped with Hindi and English as they helps to connect and unite us! But many of the people aren’t and that never becomes a barrier as the main thing of language is to be able to speak what we are trying to..if that reaches the next person,that’s enough!

Don’t get surprised if you see an Indian in India who started his/her sentence in Hindi, used terms from mother language,comes back to Hindi,goes to the mother language of the person he/she is speaking to and finishes in English😂! For example if I talk about myself, I can speak 4indian languages with Bengali being my mother tongue followed by Hindi,assamese, broken pieces of marathi and gujrati. AS THAT’S ALL COMMON since we are naturally trained for having diversity inside us protecting the unity in diversity of the country.

Well, let’s have fun! Let me show you the names of some languages of India as India is having 28states and 8union territories at present, and all are having their own speciality and differences .

In southern part of India only, at least majority of the people speak in one of the four dravidian languages amongst: Telugu, Tamil, Kannada , Malayalam

In northern part of India, commonly you’ll find people talking in Hindi, Punjabi, Kashmiri, Parsi.

In Western part of India , you’ll find people talking in konkani, Gujarati , Rajasthani, Marathi, Kucchi, many more.

Coming to eastern part of India, Bengali can be heard easily along with bhojpuri, odissi , Hindi, many more.

In central India you can predominantly find people taking in Marathi,Hindi, bhojpuri, Punjabi.

Now coming to the Northeastern part of India, the place from where I belong❣️, having total 7states, the northeast part of India is also called seven sisters , 220 languages are spoken by people in this region, where you’ll find languages like Assamese,Mizo, Kokborok, Bengali,Meitei, Khashi and many more.

Many of you people might feel bore to read it, but I just wanna say travelling and knowing India in itself requires one lifetime and that’s worth it! As all what I shared my thoughts was just about language (excluding the diversity of culture, religion, food habits, state speciality)


    1. Yeah! Officially there are 22 languages used on which you are allowed to do official works and everything..apart from that 1600+ languages are spoken by people..
      It’s culturally a lot more diverse..this is just the language part.. 😊
      I’d try to share other beautiful diversities too! Cuz it’s always fun to share a country’s bright colors with world

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    1. Yeah it is interesting.. India is a place where one can explore and experience almost every culture, weather, and diversity 😇!

      Thanks a lot for reading and commenting! Getting such positive comments always encourages !
      Love from India ♥️

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      1. That’s super cool! It really is a unique place with lots and lots of historical and cultural significance. I’d love to learn more about it. You have further interested me. 💚

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      2. Oh! I’m glad I made you interested to learn more about it😇.. even I’ll try to post more about us and our country so that other’s can also have an experience of knowing it at least in bits and pieces

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  1. My father used to say, in India you get to see the world. If you travel intensely through the country you will see a fair portion of the world in it. In other words it is a country where you get to see, sand, snow, rivers, forests and all sorts of geographies. See people of varied, culture, language, and religion. It is a country where you get to see a lot of how the world is.

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