Accept it – one can’t be ALWAYS right

Not Everytime what you do or think is correct.. no one is always right.

Yes, what you will do finally always should be your own decision but that doesn’t mean Everytime you’ll blindly follow your words without second thought, not everyone around you wants to destroy you(many does,but not your very close ones). You are allowed to hear what they say but blindly following what they say just to “be with them” is foolishness!

There are two things,

•firstly,many people stops you from doing something, rather tries to hold you back when they think you’ll surpass them and they do that for their own interest … not for your good

•On the other hand, some people who genuinely care for you and are your’s, doesn’t STOP you from doing what you are doing but warns and insists you to rethink, do necessary changes in plan if it’s needed and then take a step. And many people gets annoyed from those insisting pings and just avoid. You don’t necessarily need to do every bit of what they are saying but don’t avoid the words! Listen to what they are saying,analyze them in your way and if you are still unsure talk with the person you believe most! And then also, ultimately do what your instincts say. All I wanted to share in my thoughts is, don’t always ignore other’s point of what you think you want and you should, listening other’s point and then analyzing them your way doesn’t show you inferior or underestimates your power of analysis. Rather it makes you more close to your motive and your step. Who knows? Maybe your close person can suggest you a better way to do the exact work that you are planning to do your way?

You are always open to listen what other’s say ..BUT YOU YOURSELF THEN HAVE TO ANALYZE AND DECIDE WHAT YOU WILL DO

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