Hey all amazing people out there! Today sitting idle next to window in this soft winter season under sun’s heat in the afternoon, I was looking at the floor, how the sun-rays were falling here making shadows of various trees and buildings it was having in it’s way, leaving it’s presence on every object. Suddenly what striked in my mind was, isn’t it the exact way how our life goes? It starts from a point and goes on(just how the sun-rays keeps going after starting from the sun itself). While going on, it meets hundreds of different lives,talks to them,knows them and move forward. Forming at least the tiniest shadow of themselves inside it which we call ‘memory’ of that particular life in our life.

P.S: Well! Why have I suddenly posted it here? Basically when all this stuff came in my mind I can’t forbid myself for writing it down somewhere as it’s the thought of a teen girl, it’s my own thought and penning it down would make this thought of mine stay with me like my own creation and there was no better option than making it a blog as I had created this blog as my own voice and thoughts of mine. Moreover,what pushed me to put this blog up was, I am a newbie over here in blogging but the kind of initial appreciation and support I am getting from all you people are amazing and made me enthusiast that I should share it over here so that I can send my thoughts your way and get connected to you all and know what you feel about this as I’m here to create a creative family who would be their real self and share. Though this page of mine has still not got the exposure and reach as it’s still a bud, and me concentrating on it would it Bloom and I think expressing my real self would help me with that.


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