I know the topic is very cliché and very common thing which everyone says! But how can we deny the fact that how true this words are! But what makes me worried as well as laugh is, there are many who on one hand preaches ‘be the real you‘ ‘ don’t get upset or restrict yourself by what others say ‘ and all those stuffs, whereas the same person on other hand with other group of people is saying ‘ oh god! She’s 27 and still not agreeing for marriage,she should get married‘ then ‘ look at that boy, he’s so short in height, boys looks good only when they are tall like a man!‘ ‘That guy is so dark! I wonder how he managed to get such a pretty bride‘ and many more. Now, why am I saying all these? Basically I want to tell that yes to some extent in 21st century also,this is the truth! Many people are two faced. They would be the most honest and best person in front of you and you might not know they are judging you in back! So what’s in our own hand? All we have is We need to gain the self confidence and believe that yes I am the best me and if I need to change something in me that would be only for the good and not because of someone’s judgement. Well! So why do we need to be the real US, or why do you need to be the real YOU? Here are three reasons for why I feel and follow so:

3. We all know how massively the range of merit and the level of competition in every field is now increasing and how important it thus is to have the self Believe and confidence in what we do the best or else people will crush you by their feet and move ahead – that’s the reality ‘cuz the competition is now in that level and that’s natural, everyone wants to be at the top . And this is exactly where it becomes important to be the real YOU! Because when you will start to work with 100more people at a place your higher authority and people will look for what’s unique in you and what is YOUR speciality..they won’t look for a carbon copy of someone else in you! And this will make you a different individual amongst all the rest 99 people over there which will give yourself an identity as YOU and a stimulant to your own-self for moving ahead!

2. Being the real you would always create an urge in you to discover more of you that lies deep inside. We do grow idolizing someone famous or someone of our family,friends whoever, who inspires us and there’s nothing wrong in it;rather it’s a great thing to do as it keeps us in a focus. But there’s a slight difference in getting inspired from someone and following someone to be like them.. We all need to do that differentiation. We may grow up getting inspired by someone or admire someone but along with that what we need to do is we should groom our own thoughts! Growing up following someone TO BE THAT PERSON is not YOU GROWING AS YOU THE INDIVIDUAL! That’s merely you growing as the second version of that person! Being known as that person’s second version and not as YOU the individual. So being the real You helps you to discover yourself and get an original identity.

1. And the most important point! Being the real YOU makes you happy in real terms! At first it might get difficult as you will get judged for not nodding yes in everything others say,you will be judged for doing what please you and not what others do.. That’s real and trust me that’s fine! Because, when you start putting your views and points ,deep inside you you’ll feel free and satisfied and when you will make it to the point you dreamt of, those judgemental people will also start praising you (‘cuz all others are doing so.. 😉). And you will get the flavour of who you are and WHY you are.

But yes! Just like how important it is to do what you want to, in the same way it is very important to be aware of what you are doing is reasonable or not. For example, you love to steal and you would keep stealing since it’s “Be yourself and do what you want! ” No! we all have to be the real us, you all have to be the real YOU doing what you love to do and which is not harmful to anyone!

Be the person you are.. idolize someone whom you admire but don’t follow.. keep someone as inspiration not as the elder version of yourself.. as YOU WILL ALWAYS BE KNOWN AS WHO YOU WERE, WHAT WORKS YOU DID AND WHAT KIND OF HUMAN YOU WERE.


  1. Being the real you is all one can be, it’s a promise I made to myself a long time ago. To shine from the inside out no matter what. When others show me they take issue, I pay them no mind for I know it’s something within them that needs adjustment, not me. Great post my friend❤

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    1. Exactly! When others start having issue with us being real us, that means we are doing something good which would make us surpass them 😂 so they are worried! @Ladysag77 be the real you always..not for others but for ur own-self💙
      Thanks a lot for reading ❣️

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  2. I read something earlier today that said “Do you, Everyone else is taken”… And it hit hard. The only way we really let our light shine is by embracing the individuals that we are.

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  3. Good message! It’s important to try and find our authentic self. And it’s best to change for ourselves because those judging you do not have to live your life. Likewise, you’re right in that it is good to walk your own path so long as you’re not hurting anyone else.

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