A Spring Rain

As if the most Favorite person of mine came for a sudden visit..
In it’s own footsteps, carrying the sheer excitements & happiness it bring.
That’s how a pluviophile feels,
receiving the down-pours as a sweet gift in a month like spring.

In the season of love, joy, spirituality & melancholy,
The sudden rhythmic pitter-patters of rain..
Is nothing less than a tasty cake garnished with delicious cherry –
Making a tired, stressed being forget all the worry & pain.

Lying on bed, looking through the window pane –
‘A sunny happy day is being ornamented by the millions of diamond sprinkles’ –
Right from the clouds, through us, down the lane.

Watching kids caged in home due to rain
Hits me to miss, the craze of making paper boats,
rushing down to sail them, and stepping the poodles being absolute insane.

It’s me now, the pluviophile,
For whom untimely cloudburst is a happy thing
with music, beside a glass window,
watching the clouds cry and making us a happy being.

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  1. ahiricreates says:

    Hope you guys like it… Feedbacks are always welcome ❣️


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